Making dreams come true.

The boldest dreams in life often call for deliberate decisions before they can come true. Our online marketplaces help you make these decisions every day.

About Scout24

Scout24 – My best decisions for a better life

There are certain things in life we would all like to have: a nice home, a happy relationship, the car of our dreams or quite simply financial security.

Scout24 helps you make the big decisions in life so that your dreams can come true. The group's online marketplaces provide clearly structured information and quick orientation tools for many areas of life. Apart from that, discovering new things is simply good fun.

The internet pioneers at Scout24 have channeled a wealth of experience into developing their services to be a reliable and competent partner to millions of users making important decisions every day. The Group's range of programs are perfectly tailored to suit the needs of modern consumers: from AutoScout24's YouTube channel to the smartphone app for ImmobilienScout24 – Scout24 is where the user is. The online experts use innovative technologies and transparent offers to help around 13 million users achieve their dreams every month. This is also of benefit to Scout24's business partners, whose offers are specifically bundled and presented to target groups with the aid of professional tools and innovative advertising forms on the marketplaces.

All of this makes Scout24 what it is today: a strong partner for the best decisions in life. How can we help you?


You can find facts and figures in our Factsheet.


2014: Beteiligungswechsel


Hellman & Friedman übernimmt 70 Prozent der Scout24-Gruppe. Die Deutsche Telekom AG bleibt mit 30 Prozent am Unternehmen beteiligt.

2012 - 2011: Innovation and Internationalization


ImmobilienScout24 as a strategic investor acquires a significant share in the PropertyGuru Group in Singapore, thus continuing the internationalization course pursued by Scout24 Group.

The AutoScout24 workshop portal is available throughout Germany. It enables users across the country to compare local workshops and arrange appointments directly.

The newly founded Scout24 Services GmbH launches the savings community Sparacuda that helps members save money every day by providing product and user tips.

More than 1,300 employees work for Scout24 Group and its marketplaces.


ImmobilienScout24 is awarded the Great Place to Work® seal of quality at the "Germany's Best Employers 2011" competition.

JobScout24 becomes a part of CareerBuilder in October. The well-known US career network operates the JobScout24 brand as a licensed model.

2010 -2009: Mobile Apps and the Social


ImmobilienScout24 presents the app "My Move". In April, the meanwhile three apps launched by Scout24 Group break through the 500,000 download barrier. The apps are among the most popular at the iTunes store in the fields of navigation and productivity.


Scout24 arrives on the smartphone: the marketplaces AutoScout24 and ImmobilienScout24 launch the first two iPhone apps. The Group simultaneously develops its presence in the social web. Users can interact with the marketplaces on Facebook pages, YouTube channels and via Twitter accounts to gain specific information.

Discover the Scout24 social web channels here.

2008 - 1999: The Scout24 Group grows


T-Online International merges with Deutsche Telekom AG. Scout24 Group is now a full subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Meanwhile, the platform Local24 adds a further chapter to the Scout24 success story.


The youngest member of the family, ElectronicScout24*, is founded. The Group meanwhile has seven marketplaces.


T-Online International AG acquires Scout24 from Beisheim Holding Switzerland.


Further growth for Scout24: travel specialist TravelScout24 goes online.


Numerous new business locations are founded, among them premises in Italy and Spain.


The Scout24 Group expands: the portals FinanceScout24, JobScout24 and FriendScout24 are followed by the market launches of GesundheitsScout24* and ShoppingScout24*.


The portals AutoScout24 and ImmobilienScout24 are the group's first operational companies to become active on the market. AutoScout24 is soon one of the largest German-language online portals for used vehicles.


*These portals are currently no longer active on the market.

1998: "A scout for all seasons"


The founding of Scout24 by Joachim Schoss and Christian Mangstl is the start  of an impressive story of success. The young company's appropriate slogan is: "A scout for all seasons".



Greg Ellis

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Ellis was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Scout24 Group in April 2014. He is responsible for the complete commercial operations of the company.

Gregory Ellis was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Scout24 Group in April 2014. He is responsible for the complete commercial operations of the company.

Ellis joined Scout24 from REA Group where he was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for more than five years as well as REA Group’s member representative on the Business Council of Australia for three years. In September 2013 Greg Ellis was also appointed a non-executive Director of Sportsbet Pty Ltd.

Greg Ellis has more than 20 years of international business experience within the online industry, and has held different senior management positions in internet-based companies. He has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Australia over the past 14 years.

Prior to joining REA Group in September 2008, he was Marketing Director Asia Online Services at Microsoft. Previous roles included Managing Director Online for Truvo BV, as well as Managing Director of Sensis Interactive and Group Manager Marketing for Telstra Corporation.

Greg Ellis is married and has two children.



Christian Gisy

Chief Financial Officer

Christian Gisy ist seit September 2014 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) der Scout24 Holding. Er ist verantwortlich für die Bereiche Finance, Accounting, Tax, Controlling, Legal/Compliance, Riskmanagement, Purchasing&Facilities und BI&Application Management.

Christian Gisy ist seit September 2014 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) der Scout24 Holding. Er ist verantwortlich für die Bereiche Finance, Accounting, Tax, Controlling, Legal/Compliance, Riskmanagement, Purchasing&Facilities und BI&Application Management.

Vor seinem Eintritt bei Scout24 arbeitete Gisy acht Jahre für die CinemaxX AG. Er startete als Finanzvorstand und führte das Unternehmen seit 2008 als Vorstandsvorsitzender. Mit dem erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Börsen-Delisting wurde die CinemaxX AG im April 2014 in die CinemaxX Holdings GmbH umgewandelt und Christian Gisy im Rahmen des Formwechsels Geschäftsführer. Nach einer Umstrukturierung ist es ihm gelungen, das Unternehmen ab 2009 wieder zu nachhaltigem Wachstum zu führen.

In früheren Stationen arbeitete Gisy als Wirtschaftsprüfer und späterer Director Equity Capital Markets bei der WestLB Panmure und war außerdem als Finanzvorstand bei der VIVA Media AG und der WaveLight AG tätig. Seinen Diplom-Volkswirt absolvierte der 47-jährige an der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn.

Social Responsibility


"Social commitment has been a self-evident part of our corporate culture for many years. Our activities focus on supporting local social associations through corporate volunteering and fund-raising. For instance, once a year all Scout24 employees take part in our Social Day." (Dirk Hoffmann, COO, Immobilienscout24)


If you have any questions relating to responsibility and sustainability please contact the ImmobilienScout24 Cares Team:

Once a year, on Social Day, the doors at Scout24 Group remain shut. That is because more than 800 Scouties get involved in more than 70 regional social projects at the Scout24 locations in Munich and Berlin on this day.

The network administrator fixes a leaking gutter at the kindergarten whilst the head of marketing mans the kitchen at the retirement home: each employee can choose their favorite charity from a number of organisations and spend a day at work there. The Scouties also offer the charities their expertise in fields such as online marketing, website usability and social media.

Getting involved in regional social projects not only encourages team spirit and social competence, but also gives participants the warm feeling of having made a difference.

Experience reports from Scouties and a glance behind the scenes are available for viewing in our Corporate Blog.

Berlin Social Academy

Many employees of charitable organizations require specific knowledge but often don't have the means they need. Increasing demands from many social partners led to the formation of a Social Academy at Immobilienscout24. The academy provides charitable organizations with professional knowledge on a pro bono basis. In the fall of 2013 corporate specialists began sharing their knowledge with the employees of charitable organizations in the scope of workshops.

Further information is available under:

Stiftung Rechnen - "Four out of five people cannot do arithmetic. We will change that!"


As studies show: Germans do not score high marks when it comes to dealing with mathematical problems in everyday life. This has to change, which is why Scout24 has been a partner of the Arithmetic Foundation since 2009 and supports children and adolescents in the development of their mathematic competence. And in a very practical manner: Scout24 employees teach at secondary schools in Munich within the scope of the "Math4Life" project.

Not everyone is an ace mathematician. But that doesn't mean that math has to be a closed book. People who enjoy working with numbers will not only do better at school, but will also be will equipped for private and professional challenges.

That is why Scout24 developed the "Math4Life" project in cooperation with the German arithmetic foundation, Stiftung Rechnen. It is aimed at enabling children and young people to enjoy working with numbers and creating awareness for the significance of mathematics at school as well as at work and in everyday life. Hence, Scout24 employees work as lecturers at secondary schools in Munich. That fits, especially as doing arithmetic is daily routine at Scout24: employees from controlling to marketing crunch numbers day in, day out.

The lecturers show pupils that mathematics can indeed have a very practical side: when does an online campaign start to pay off? How do you calculate the right server capacity? And how much of my last wage packet do I actually get to keep? These are just some of the questions on the Math4Life curriculum.

Scout24 currently cooperates with three schools in Munich. We will be pleased to add more schools to the programme. Interested schools are invited to get in touch with us.


Azioni Niños Felices - giving parentless children a home

The name says it all: activities for happy children is Azioni Niños Felices main priority. The charity has taken care of orphans and poor children in the Dominican Republic for many years. A school and an orphanage in Puerto Plata have since been built for meanwhile more than 100 fostered children.

Scout24 has supported the work of Azioni Niños Felices through financial contributions since 2009. It is our contribution towards giving these children a happier future.