AutoScout24: A leading European digital automotive classifieds platform for drivers and dealers

Whether a luxury car, electric car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle: Whoever is searching for an ideal vehicle or would like to sell his own is right on target with AutoScout24, an automotive classifieds leader in Europe.

As such, AutoScout24 is in an excellent position to address cross-border trading opportunities, and to offer smaller dealers in its core exporting markets an international distribution channel, particularly within the European Union.

AutoScout24 is a European automotive classifieds leader (management estimate based on listings and unique monthly visitors) with leading market positions in Italy, Belgium (including Luxembourg), the Netherlands and Austria, as well as second position in Germany, all based on listings.¹ AutoScout24 also operates in Spain and France and offers local language versions of the marketplace in ten additional countries. Moreover, at, AS24 offers an English-language version that also enables crossborder searches. The aided brand awareness of AutoScout24 among Internet users considering a car purchase stands at 94 % in Germany, 64 % in Italy, 78 % in Austria and 72 % in the Netherlands, in each case in the relevant target group. ²

Over 2.1 million vehicles are offered each month (Source: Autobiz, June 2015) around the clock to about 8 million users on our marketplace (Unique Monthly Visitors, desktop only, source: comScore MMX, average Q2 2015 3 ). Besides our classifieds solutions for used and new cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles to automotive dealers and private sellers, we also offer display advertising products to automotive OEMs as well as lead generation services for spare parts retailers and providers of finance and insurance.


1. Autobiz, December 2016

2. Norstat, December 2016

3. Unique Monthly Visitors (UMV) of AutoScout24 refers to the aggregate of the monthly unique visitors for each of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Italy and visiting the website (desktop-only) regardless of how often they visit during the relevant month. Quarterly values represent the average of all monthly values for the quarter. 

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