Your move - we help you

Tokyo, Christchurch or Buxtehude? We know all about moving - that's why we support you wherever we can, so that you arrive relaxed at our place. Whether you just need to get on the next train or cross entire oceans - our partner agency PROGREDO is there for you in all organisational matters and helps you to keep an overview. You can also rely on our help when it comes to health insurance, visas, or even securing a kindergarten spot. 

We support you in:  

  • the immigration process and your visa  

  • apartment search  

  • all formalities:  

    • Change of registration with the Citizens office  

    • Registration of health insurance and bank account  

    • Translation of your driving licence  

    • Finding a school or kindergarten for your kids 

Here's what your move could look like:

Step 1

We notify your upcoming move to our partner agency. They will send you an e-mail afterwards with all the important information about your move. 

Step 2

In order to book everything for you, the agency needs your personal documents. You scan them at home and upload them to the agency's cloud. The digital storage is protected by a double firewall. 

Step 3

The agency will check that all documents are complete and will arrange all necessary bookings and applications for your move. Need a visa? The agency will also arrange this for you with the German Embassy.

Step 4

Hello and welcome! After your arrival in Germany, the agency will continue to support you with all of the formalities. And the costs for all this? Of course, everything will be covered from your relocation package.

Anything else unclear? (FAQ)

No - with us, you do not have to do anything. But honestly: If you move to us from outside the EU, the support with all the formalities is worth its weight in gold.

Once your employment contract is in place, just a small signature from you will get things moving. We will then make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that your move goes smoothly and without any hassle.

You have a clear head and can fully concentrate on your new job with us, without all the organisational stress of the move - and what goes with it. Whether it's the citizens office, bank, health insurance or school and day care - our partners are there for you from the beginning to the end of the move.  


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Diversity Statement 

We at Scout24 value and embrace the diversity that our employees bring to the company because we are convinced that precisely this diversity is the foundation for our success. We as a team can only unlock our potential if you feel secure, valued, and respected as an individual. We welcome you home just as you are. Bring your true self to our team which is a safe space for everyone with all gender and sexual identities, skin colors, ethnic origins, citizenships, ethnicities, religions and beliefs, disabilities, ages, or marital status.

For requests regarding equal opportunities in our recruiting practices, please contact [email protected].