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We make hard decisions easy. Not only for our customers and partners, but also for ourselves. We work together to find the best solutions. We are data-driven, proactive, learn constantly, act as a team and treat each other respectfully. Get to know us!

Scout24 gives its employees the opportunity to shape their own culture.

Employees (01.08.2023)
Sabina BeganovićContract Coordinator„Culture eats strategy for breakfast“

Success arises together

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The famous quote from economist Peter Drucker sums it up: the best corporate strategy is of little use if it’s not backed up by motivated and committed employees to operationalise it. This requires one thing above all else: a strong corporate culture with a shared system of values and goals. “I am particularly passionate about our One Team value. Because only together can we be successful and also prevail in challenging times. I enjoy going to work and feel motivated in an environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued.”

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Diversity Statement 

We at Scout24 value and embrace the diversity that our employees bring to the company because we are convinced that precisely this diversity is the foundation for our success. We as a team can only unlock our potential if you feel secure, valued, and respected as an individual. We welcome you home just as you are. Bring your true self to our team which is a safe space for everyone with all gender and sexual identities, skin colors, ethnic origins, citizenships, ethnicities, religions and beliefs, disabilities, ages, or marital status.

For requests regarding equal opportunities in our recruiting practices, please contact [email protected].