Your growth

Success is created together. Your development is therefore very important to us. We will strengthen you not only professionally but also personally. With the Scout24Academy, our talent, and the Leadership Programme, we have created opportunities so that everyone in the team can grow individually. Even you. In two feedback sessions per year, we'll discuss your medium and long-term prospects at Scout24.


Want to find all training options in one place? Then you’ll like our Scout24Academy: you can search for courses offered via the web-based platform or our mobile app.  We are constantly expanding our training options for our Scouts. You already have the choice of over 100 classroom training courses and 1,200 online courses. To help us share our knowledge even better, we’re also expanding our peer-to-peer offering.

Talent Programme

We prepare our top talent for leadership at an early stage. For this purpose, the LD24 Talent Program ("Grow - The LD24 Talent Programme") was launched. It consists of several modules. In addition to external and virtual training, our talent can create their very individual learning playlist. In at least 45 training hours, they will prepare themselves for their next step on the career ladder. Maybe you'll be climbing it soon too.

Leadership Programme

With our “LD24 Leadership Programme" tailored to our needs, we bring together our positive leadership culture. The programme is based on the four leadership competences, which we have also derived from our values.  We train our executives specifically in methodological content and soft skills through this program. The training consists of several modules over at least 38 training hours, including a coaching session and a 360-degree feedback. In addition, we offer further trainings, such as individual coaching, 360-degree feedback and conducting conversations with employees.

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We at Scout24 value and embrace the diversity that our employees bring to the company with their individual capabilities, talents and skills because we are convinced that precisely this diversity is the foundation for our success. People can only unlock their potential if they feel secure, valued and respected as individuals. We welcome everyone – regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual identity, race, skin color, ethnic origin, citizenship, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, age or marital status.