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Professional real estate agents in Germany active in commercial real estate as well as in building and property development, who have contracted a package or bundle of services from IS24.

Average revenue per user per month, calculated as the revenue generated from (contractual) residential real estate partners and business real estate partners (IS24) in the respective period divided by the average number of (contractual) real estate partners and dealers respectively (calculated from the number of (contractual) real estate partners at the beginning and end of the period) and further divided by the number of months in the corresponding period.

Defined as capital expenditure adjusted for the effects arising from firsttime application of accounting standard IFRS 16 (Leases).

Ordinary operating EBITDA less capital expenditure (adjusted).

Accounting process that eliminates all intracompany transactions within a group (expenses/revenue, liabilities and equity) and presents all of the corresponding entities as if they were one single entity.

All customers with a running contract that contains at least one core product.

All products that entitle for the publication of more than one object within the runtime of a contract.

Revenue from core customers.

Earnings before interest and tax.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, i.e. profit before net finance expenses, income taxes, depreciation and amortisation, impairment losses and gains or losses on the sale of subsidiaries. 

EBITDA as a percentage of external revenue (for the respective segment).

Revenue that Scout24 entities generate with customers that are not entities of the Scout24 Group.

Service providers focused on the financial services sector who have either contracted a package or bundle of services from the Scout24 Group.

Generating a business contact, i.e. contact data of a qualified prospect who is interested in a certain product and has given his or her consent to his or her data being shared.

For IS24, refers to the total number of all real estate listings on the website as of a specific cut-off date (as a rule, the end of the month). 

Total current and non-current liabilities less cash.

Refers to EBITDA adjusted for non-operating effects, which mainly include restructuring expenses, expenses in connection with the Company’s capital structure and business combinations (realised and unrealised), costs for strategic projects as well as effects on profit or loss from share-based payment programmes.

Ordinary operating EBITDA as a percentage of external revenue.

All cumulative income generated from ordinary operating activities during the corresponding accounting period.

The number of visits within a reporting period in which individual users interact with web or app offerings via a device (desktop PC, mobile devices or apps (multiplatform)). A session ends automatically after 30 minutes (or longer) without user interaction.

Unique monthly visitors to the website via desktop PC, mobile devices or apps (multi-platform), irrespective of how often they visit the portal during the month in question and (for multi-platform metrics) irrespective of how many platforms (desktop PC and mobile) they use (source: ComScore for IS24).

The extent to which users are reached measured in terms of unique monthly visitors that we reach with our digital marketplaces within a given time period.

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