Making a difference

Sustainable growth and a robust business model that adapts to different market conditions make the difference in these times.  An uncertain economic environment, rising inflation and interest rates have changed the German real estate market in 2022.

Nevertheless, we have succeeded in creating real added value for the users and customers of Scout24 and ImmoScout24. Their problems are our incentive to develop even better products. This is how we make a difference, which is also reflected in our good economic results.

We have also made significant progress in the area of sustainability. For example, we have reduced our environmental footprint by around 75 percent compared to our 2018 baseline. We provided housing in Germany for refugees from Ukraine and continued to support homeless people. Internally, we have consistently pursued our initiatives for a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Our financial results 2022

Group revenue in million EUR
(+15% vs. 2021)
ordinary operating EBITDA in million EUR
(+12.7% vs. 2021)
Basic earnings per share in EUR
(+54.3% vs. 2021)

Our value-driven governance

Making a difference

When we first started looking at corporate responsibility, the focus was on the social commitment of our employees. Today, Scout24 has a comprehensive sustainability strategy that takes environmental, social and governance aspects into account. Dr Claudia Viehweger, Chief People & Sustainability Officer, explains in the video how Scout24 lived and managed sustainability in 2022.

"We have a clear ESG strategy in place with measurable and ambitious goals."

Dr Claudia Viehweger, Chief People & Sustainability Officer at Scout24

Our social commitment

Making a difference

With ImmoScout24 as the leading marketplace for real estate in Germany, we have been committed to finding homes for homeless people for a long time. After the Russian attack on Ukraine in the spring of 2022, it was particularly important for us to help quickly and easily so that refugees could find a new home in Germany. Scout24 CEO Tobias Hartmann explains how Scout24 and ImmoScout24 provided help.

"We did what we do best:
Helping people find a home."

Tobias Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer at Scout24

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Making a difference

With the help of clear KPIs and targets, we at Scout24 want to live our values of diversity, equity and inclusion and create an environment where everyone feels safe to bring his or her true self to work. Various employee communities and special theme weeks helped us to achieve this in 2022. 

Dr Claudia Viehweger, Chief People & Sustainability Officer, outlines how we at Scout24 as a #OneTeam better understand each other's needs and tackle barriers together.

"We at Scout24 are convinced that the diversity of our employees is the foundation for our success."

Dr Claudia Viehweger, Chief People & Sustainability Officer of Scout24

Our commitment to the environment

Making a difference

In 2022, we have reduced our CO2e emissions by around 75 percent compared to our 2018 baseline. Tobias Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer, presents our climate strategy in more detail in this video and explains what we are aiming to do next.

"Overall, we want to be net zero by 2045."

Tobias Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer of Scout24


Here you can download the complete Annual Report and Non-financial statement 2022 as a PDF file.

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