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#AskScout24: Alia Asaad, Product Manager, on how to run a cross-functional team project

As part of forming a comprehensive real estate ecosystem, ImmoScout24 launched its Home Seller Hub, to guide owners through the selling journey in its different phases. We had a talk with Alia Asaad who was leading a very cross-functional team of Scouts responsible for the creation of the Hub. 

Alia started her career at the company as a Mobile Engineer more than three years ago, and made the switch to Product Management because she loves developing the vision of a product and defining its strategy. At ImmoScout24, she is responsible for the consumer experience on the website. “For me, the Home Seller Hub project is special in several ways,” Alia says, looking back at the three months she and her team were busy preparing for its creation. 

As part of a deeper interview into the inception and launch of the Home Seller Hub (read the full story on our Tech Blog), we also had a moment with Alia about her role as Product Manager at Scout24. Hear her talking about the next steps for the Hub, what she has learnt and why she is proud of this project below. 

You can visit the Home Seller Hub on ImmoScout24’s website.

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