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#AskScout24: What does a Web Tracking Analyst do?

Meghashri Kirani Gopinath is a passionate Web Tracking Analyst at Scout24. In the interview she explains what her job is about, what she does on a daily basis and why working at Scout24 is for her a perfect balance between work and life. 

Meghashri Kirani Gopinath, Web Tracking Analyst at Scout24

1.How would you explain your job as a Web Tracking Analyst to somebody who has never heard of that before?

Meghashri: Web Tracking Analyst is someone who collects data with respect to user behaviour on platform/s and analyses the same to create insights. At Scout24 this data is mostly used to measure traffic, analysing the funnels and also optimise marketing spend.

2.Can you name three tasks of your daily business?

Meghashri: Our daily business is so different, hence I cannot really name 3 daily business tasks, but I can group most of it under these:

Supporting all the analysts in segments Maintaining the tracking environmentEnabling stakeholders on the tools to create actionable insights

3.How is the working environment at Scout24?

Meghashri: It is a perfect balance between work and life. The best part is I am a part of the team who is so pumped up to make a difference. Our team consists of diverse knowledge base but always works towards the same goal. It is fascinating to see how everyone comes together to provide feedback and these amazing ideas to improve the quality of data and processes. Also, with the quarterly feedback meetings, there is always a positive push towards achieving better strides in my personal career.

4.What is the most challenging part about your job and how do you deal with it?

Meghashri: Time! There is so much we can achieve and improve, which is true for any job role. But with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and prioritisation we are able to focus on what is urgent and important.

5. What are the main skills you need for your job?

Meghashri: Regarding to technical skills, it’s important to understand how tracking works, including all the concepts such as tag management system, analytics tools, SQL. Soft skills include being a great team player and being hungry to learn new things all the time!

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