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Sustainability Report 2020: Interview with Sabine Würkner, Principal Diversity & Inclusion Management

Sabine Würkner is Principal Diversity & Inclusion Management. Her job is building an inclusive environment at Scout24. For the Sustainability Report 2020 she told us how diversity and inclusion shape a company and its employees.

What do diversity and inclusion mean to Scout24?

Sabine: There are many aspects of diversity such as gender, skin colour, age, sexual orientation and disability. At Scout24, we want to build an inclusive environment where everyone receives the same recognition. Where every employee has the same opportunities to be successful. And where everyone is equally free to voice their thoughts and ideas. That is our goal and our responsibility, and a process that requires every single one of us.

Why are diversity and inclusion so important?

Sabine: The more diverse our teams, the most experience and ideas flow into our products. This way, we can tailor them to the needs of our customers even more effectively. Additionally, an inclusive working environment means that employees are safe to be themselves. This has a positive effect on loyalty and motivation. Consequently, the diversity of our Scouts is the cornerstone of our success.

What has changed in 2020 in terms of diversity and inclusion?

Sabine: We have made our colleagues even more aware of what diversity and inclusion concern. This is certainly due to our wide range of courses such as our anti-discrimination training. By the end of 2020, approximately 90 per cent of our teams from ImmoScout24 and Scout24 had taken part in this training. The remaining teams followed in early 2021.

For more info, please check out our sustainability report 2020 here.

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