Moving to the next level

Moving to the next level – that was our ambitious goal for 2021. Because we are continuously developing our Company and our business model further. We are taking the real estate market to the next level by digitising it, thereby making real estate transactions – from purchasing to renting and management – easier, faster and more transparent for our users and customers. To this end, we are also investing in our product portfolio: with our new subsidiary, we were able to significantly expand ImmoScout24’s range of products for private landlords in 2021. 

For us, reaching the next level does not only mean increasing our profitability and improving our products. We have also made great progress in the area of sustainability. Our goal: a more environmentally conscious, socially just and economically sustainable future for each and every one of us. We continue to work on reducing our carbon footprint. Launched in 2021, our HOME STREET HOME initiative makes use of our high reach to help homeless people find housing and provide information about homelessness. Internally, we have also raised awareness about an inclusive work environment, promoted the diversity of our teams and increased the share of women throughout the Company as well as in management positions.  

CEO and CFO statement on financial results

Our financial figures 2021

We successfully completed 2021 with a revenue increase of 10 percent and thus exceeded our full year guidance.

Group revenue in EUR mio (+10% vs. 2020)
ooEBITDA in EUR mio (+5.0% vs. 2020)
ooEBITDA margin in % (-2.7 pp vs. 2020)
Next level chances

HOME STREET HOME – finding a home is the first step to escape homelessness

Homelessness is a particularly stressful form of social exclusion. As the market leader in real estate, we want to help everyone put a roof over their heads. With the HOME STREET HOME collaboration, we are using our reach to provide information about homelessness and housing concepts.

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Next level efficiency

With we are creating a full-service, carefree package for landlords has been part of Scout24 since May 2021. Why are the companies such a good fit? Because they have the same goal: making processes around real estate as simple as possible for everyone involved.

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Next level transparency

More transparency in the real estate market - thanks to the ImmoScout24 WohnBarometer

For many people, buying or selling real estate is among the most important and emotional decisions they will make in their life. It’s a decision that needs to be thought through carefully and made based on sound information. With our data and facts we provide transparency and orientation.

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Next level diversity & inclusion

We want to create an inclusive environment for all people

We want to promote the diversity of our teams and reinforce a culture where everyone feels valued, respected and safe. To this end, we have launched numerous initiatives regarding diversity and inclusion in 2021 – among others with the Sozialheld*innen association.

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Next level business model

Our business model: the digital ecosystem for real estate transactions

We’re steadily evolving from a pure listings portal into a digital ecosystem for real estate. Always with the aim of providing the best user and customer experience for our target groups.

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Here you can download the Annual and Sustainability Report 2021 as a PDF file.

Annual Report 2021


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Sustainability Report 2021


Here you will find the Sustainability Reports of the past years: