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Our business model: the digital ecosystem for real estate transactions


Twenty years ago, anyone looking for an apartment would open the newspaper and circle any ads that looked promising. That was when Scout24 started digitising property listings, a step that revolutionised the search for real estate. Since then, we have systematically evolved our platform. Our unwavering goal has been to provide the best user and customer experience for our target groups. In this interview, Tobias Hartmann, CEO of Scout24 SE, tells us how the Company will continue to achieve this in the future and explains Scout24’s strategic focus.

ImmoScout24 has been the leading online platform for residential and commercial real estate in Germany for over two decades. What is your strategy going forward?

"We’re steadily evolving from a pure advertising portal into a digital ecosystem for real estate. In other words, we’re becoming the go-to place for all real estate-related processes. It’s true that real estate advertising remains a key element of our business model. In the future, however, we’ll focus even more firmly on real estate transactions. From the point of view of owners, for example, this includes everything related to the sale, rental and management of real estate. In recent years, we’ve developed additional digital offerings for each of these options. All our customer groups benefit from this."

“We support agents in the acquisition
of mandates and help them gain more visibility.”

How exactly do your customers benefit from your expanded product portfolio?

"For example, owners can have their property valued by us free of charge. If they need assistance in the course of the sale transaction, we match them with the right agent. In return, we support agents in the acquisition of mandates, help them gain more visibility and grow their business. With TenantPlus+, we help people looking for homes find their dream property faster. We provide financial advisors and banks with leads for mortgage financing. These are just a few examples of how we’re taking our product portfolio to the next level for our customers’ benefit."

10 %

revenue growth achieved by Scout24 in 2021.

What’s the added value of the strategy for Scout24?

"These days, our customers visit our platform not just once to list a property or to search for one. They keep coming back because they realise that as a leading digital real estate company, we can do much more for them. This strengthens the bond between us and our customers – and it ensures an increasing share of recurring sales. Another advantage is that, with our digital products, we’ll address a much larger market in the future. Our revenue grew by 10 percent in 2021. We want to increase this momentum even further: in 2022 and thereafter, we aim to grow our revenue by around 12 percent per year. And profits will also continue to rise."

What role do the companies you recently acquired, and immoverkauf24, play in your growth strategy?

"The two companies are a perfect fit for our strategy and serve to accelerate its operationalisation., which has been part of Scout24 since May 2021, is a leading online platform for private landlords. They can manage their real estate portfolio and their contact with their tenants easily and intuitively with a state-of-the-art software solution – for instance, creating rental agreements and statements of ancillary costs, coordinating maintenance and repair work, or tracking the development of their real estate’s market value. We support landlords not only during the marketing phase, but throughout the rental term – or, in some cases, across several tenancies. Should landlords and landladies decide at some point to sell, they know that we also have the right products to support them in this process.

immoverkauf24 has been part of Scout24 since July 2020. With our in-house account managers, we advise and support owners who are thinking about selling. If they wish, we can put them in touch with a suitable agent. Together with the leads provided through our Realtor Lead Engine product, we passed on more than 140.000 home owner lead to our partner agents in 2021. In that way, we helped them generate more business with tangible support."


Next level chances

HOME STREET HOME – finding a home is the first step to escape homelessness

Homelessness is a particularly stressful form of social exclusion. As the market leader in real estate, we want to help everyone put a roof over their heads. With the HOME STREET HOME collaboration, we are using our reach to provide information about homelessness and housing concepts.

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Next level efficiency

"With we are creating a full-service, carefree package for landlords"

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Next level transparency

More transparency in the real estate market - thanks to the ImmoScout24 WohnBarometer

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Next level diversity & inclusion

"We want to create an inclusive environment for all people"

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