Digital marketplaces are our business. It's where we bring together supply and demand. Thus, data security and fraud prevention have top priority on our platforms. Our security measures are constantly reviewed and updated. 
In developing our range of products further, we place a focus on sustainable product solutions. At the same time, we concentrate on making our websites barrier-free and highlight environmental criteria in listings.

Responsibility for our products 

Web-based products form the basis of our business model. We place great importance on online security and combating fraud to protect our customers and users against cybercrime – for example, in the form of data phishing or fraudulent listings. Fake property listings or ‘advance payment fraud’ can cause financial losses for our users and damage Scout24’s reputation.

Our goal is to avoid fraud and data theft at Scout24. We take a preventive approach to our product responsibility and employ all technical means available to prevent the misuse of information on our websites as far as possible. We combat fraud attempts by identifying and removing fake listings as quickly as possible.

Sustainable product development

It is our aim to design our digital marketplaces so they are optimally aligned with the needs of our customers and users, and are easy and efficient to access. For this we make use of our technological and specialist competences.

We are in contact with our customers, lobby groups and the interested public to identify potential for improvement and find specific solutions. We use the regular HackWeeks at Scout24, our internal idea lab, to develop marketable and needs-driven innovations. In 2020, a total of 36 different projects were submitted to Hackweek.

Data protection and data security 

The trust that customers, business partners, the general public, employees and investors place in us and our brands is invaluable. For the Scout24 Group as an operator of digital marketplaces in Germany and Austria, data privacy and data security are a high priority and a fundamental part of how we see ourselves. It is our aim to handle the data we compile, collect, store or use in a responsible manner in compliance with legislation.

The purpose of data privacy is to protect individuals from infringements of their privacy right when processing their personal data. Therefore, it is our goal to rule out, by means of internal processes and structures, any misuse or loss of data through unauthorised access to personal data and information, to avoid damage to persons and to safeguard the right to informational self-determination.