We are not lone wolves; we are a team. That is why it is particularly important to us to offer our employees an appealing working environment. In addition to a positive atmosphere, this includes individual training and education opportunities, fair remuneration and work–life balance. And we also take care to protect the health of our employees and ensure their safety.

Fair employer

For more than 20 years, we have been an agile, dynamic and multicultural company at which our employees make a difference. We promote entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, we embrace diversity and equal opportunities, and we tackle changes in our daily work, ensure occupational health and safe workplaces, offer bespoke training and education formats, and seek to find the best talent for Scout24. We do this by communicating openly and constructively with our employees and finding personalised solutions.

Our Code of Conduct provides a binding framework to this end. It applies to all employees throughout the Scout24 Group, regardless of hierarchical level. Essential components of the Code of Conduct are the four core values and leadership behaviours. They define who we are, what we do and, above all, how we do it. They define our culture and demand our commitment to exemplary conduct:

Core Values and Leadership Behaviours

Employee development and training

Our working world is dynamic, constant change is part of our daily routine. Scout24 is synonymous with interdisciplinary, flexible, independent, creative, innovative and international work. This is why our aim is to always provide our employees with new training and education formats, and to transparently communicate tailored opportunities for further development.

In 2019, we launched Scout24Academy, a new learning management platform for our German locations. Our goal is to pool all Scout24-relevant training – such as in-house and public courses, specific training sessions for certain functions, more than 1,000 free online courses and more – in one place. The platform enables employees to search a steadily growing training portfolio themselves, using an app, for courses that are relevant for them. At the same time, we have expanded our portfolio of classroom training sessions and, for the first time, e-learning courses.

Occupational safety & health

Our employees’ health is very important to us. We safeguard it by always keeping a close eye on the constantly changing challenges and stress in their everyday work and in their private lives. This also includes designing a workplace that is safe and promotes health.

The Central Administration and Facility Management department coordinates and manages all measures relating to safeguarding health. This includes an ergonomic workplace, with appropriate furniture and equipment for jobs that mainly involve sitting at computer workstations. At the Berlin office, and from 2020 in Munich, personal advice on ergonomics will be offered in the workplace. This will be provided regularly by an external safety specialist engaged by Scout24.

In Berlin and Munich, yoga courses and specific back training programs are offered at a discount as part of our portfolio of measures for safeguarding health. In addition, preventive measures, such as annual eye examinations, are offered. Alongside balanced meals, including vegan and vegetarian dishes, in our canteen in Berlin and cafeteria in Munich, beverages, fresh fruit and muesli are also available free of charge.

Avoiding safety risks and hazards  

The Central Administration and Facility Management department coordinates preventive measures relevant to safety at Scout24 in cooperation with other, internally appointed safety officers. The Occupational Safety Committee is the central internal body, which meets four times a year to identify potential and existing hazards and define appropriate measures. Members of the committee are the safety officers, representatives of the works council, the external safety specialist, the company doctor, the representatives of employees with severe disabilities, the company management and other internal or external experts, as required. 

Diversity & equal opportunities

Scout24’s goal is to support, promote and develop its employees – entirely irrespective of ethnic origin, skin colour, gender, age, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, nationality or other characteristics. With our around 50 nationalities, we are already embracing diversity. Yet we want to further strengthen diversity in our company, as we see it as an important factor in our success.

Our stance on diversity, tolerance and equal opportunities is anchored in our Code of Conduct, which is applicable company-wide with binding effect. For us, the zero tolerance principle applies in the event of disadvantages and discrimination against employees, applicants and business partners. 

At Scout24, responsibility for diversity is assigned directly to the executive leadership team (ELT) and thus to the highest management level. The ELT is supported operationally by the People, Organisation and Culture department and by the newly created position, Principal Diversity and Inclusion Management.

Scout24 has implemented concrete measures to prevent personal harm to employees and applicants through violations of the principles of equality, and to contribute towards greater diversity and inclusion in society. These include the group-wide Code of Conduct and complaint mechanisms.

A more strategic orientation is planned for the future: This includes increasing the representation of women and minorities, particularly in management positions. As in the past, we would also like to organise events that, for example, aim to inspire women to pursue a career in software engineering in order to increase the proportion of women in the company in the long term.