At Scout24, we are committed to a responsible and sustainable management of the company. Integrity and transparency are the foundations of our sustainability. Building on this, we want to anchor sustainability more firmly in all areas of business activity. In 2019, we also anchored sustainability more firmly within our organisational structure, by allocating responsibility directly to the CEO of the Scout24 Group.

Our understanding of sustainability 

Sustainability is an important part of our corporate culture, and it involves innovation, responsibility and integrity. For us, there is no discussion that success must be measured not only by how we perform but also by how we live up to our values. We live for sustainability. For Scout24, it is therefore a matter of course to strategically integrate our societal and social conditions, as well as the environment, in our business activities.


In order to focus on the right topics in the area of sustainability, we carried out an extensive materiality analysis in 2019. The outcome: 18 topics that will shape our sustainability program for the upcoming years.

Materiality matrix 2019

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Scout24 AG’s management and oversight bodies strive for a responsible and, transparent corporate governance. A good corporate governance promotes the confidence of investors, financial markets, customers and business partners, employees and the general public in the Scout24 AG.

As a stock corporation, Scout24 AG observes the legal requirements, including corporate governance requirements, and has the customary dual management and control structure consisting of a separate Management Board and Supervisory Board. Thus, Scout24 is following the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK, Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex). The annual corporate governance report and the declaration of conformity with the German Corporate Governance Code can be downloaded on our website at any time.

It is our objective that our employees comply with legal requirements, internal policies and ethical principles. Our own Code of Conduct provides Scout24's employees with a reliable framework for acting responsibly,satisfies legal requirements, and reflects the company’s own ethical and social values.

Dialogue & transparency

We want to be a fair and trusted partner for our stakeholders. We apply high standards to transparent information and engage in regular dialogue to involve them in selected strategic and operational issues relating to Scout24’s business operations. It is important to us to understand the changing expectations and standards of our investors, customers, suppliers and business partners, employees, users and our social environment, and to take account of these in our decision-making processes.

Additionally, Scout24 is active in topic-specific initiatives and associations, thereby promoting an exchange with other players.