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#AskScout24: Anne Rupp, Senior CSR Manager at Scout24

Meet Anne Rupp, who joined us at Scout24 in January 2020. Anne came on board as our new Senior CSR Manager to take over the sustainability management ⏤ and it’s been great to have her join the team.  

Bringing great insights and experience to the job, Anne previously worked at the Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (NABU), a German non-governmental organisation dedicated to conservation at home and abroad. During her time there, she took on the role of Director Corporate Relations, and then Director Strategic Development & Event Management.  

With the recently launched 2019 Sustainability Report, we took a moment to sit down with Anne and learn more about her journey and passion for sustainability.  

Hi Anne, first of all: How did you become interested in CSR and sustainability within companies? 

Anne: It started over 10 years ago, when I was involved in a conference on sustainable packaging. This was my first experience in connecting together CSR, business and economy, and my interest continued from there. 

What is your main responsibility at Scout24?  

Anne: In general, I manage and bundle all sustainability-related issues and develop them strategically in collaboration with the responsible colleagues. The cooperation has been really fun so far, and it is great to see how many people are already thinking about sustainability.   

For 2020, the main task is to introduce a Scout24 climate strategy and calculate the first ecological footprint for Scout24. Because even as a non-manufacturing company, Scout24 can and should play a proactive role in climate protection. This saves costs and protects the environment. 

How would you explain to your grandmother what you do? 

Anne: I don’t think that my grandmother would fully understand what I do at Scout24! But I would tell her, that I am focused on making Scout24 more sustainable across all possible aspects of the company. 

What is your motivation for your work?  

Anne: I draw my motivation from my motto “Let’s go sustainable together”, because environmental protection and social issues are also personal passions of mine. I’m therefore very happy that at Scout24 I can combine my private interests with my professional tasks.  

Scout24 is a multifaceted company, where I aim now to promote the subject of sustainability in as many ways as possible. Also, I would like to motivate as many Scouts as possible to make a contribution to a more sustainable world, even if it’s simply through small initiatives.  

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Anne: I only started at Scout24 three months ago, however already a big milestone for me is the finalisation and publication of the Sustainability Report 2019.   

In your short time here, how would you describe #WorkingAtScout24 in three words? 

Anne: Dynamic, efficient and open-minded. 

What’s one big step everyone can take for the climate? 

Anne: Well, if everyone would pick just one action from the large number of climate protection measures and implemented it, we would already see much progress and collectively, this would be a great achievement. Even with small initiatives, you can accomplish a lot. It’s not a question of turning your consumer behaviour completely upside down, but of living more consciously. One step at a time you can adjust your behaviour, and doing it this way, then it shouldn’t be so painful.

For example, I go almost exclusively by bicycle or public transport, which saves a lot of CO2  and is usually faster in Berlin than driving a car. When I’m on the road, I also like to have a coffee from time to time. But I consistently try to avoid the disposable cups. Instead, I have my thermos cup or my reusable water bottle with me – thus I don’t have to die of thirst.  


Our 2019 Sustainability Report is now available. You can download it here.
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