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#AskScout24: How to become Head of Product at ImmobilienScout24

In this interview, David Collins talks about his journey in becoming the Head of Product, what his biggest accomplishments are, and how he would describe his job in the simplest way possible. Interested in getting into Product Management as well? Check out David’s career advice.

What’s your position, department – and how long have you been at Scout24? 

David: I am Head of Product for Developer, New Home Builder and Commercial Property. I’ve been at Scout24 for three and a half years. 

How did you become a Head of Product?  

David: Basically, because Scout24 provides great opportunities to progress your career. When I started here, I was a Senior Product Manager working in the apps team. When the opportunity came up to move into my current role, there was plenty of encouragement and support. 

What do you think makes an effective Head of Product? 

David: Making sure you have an engaged, collaborative team, focused on making life easier for people looking to buy and sell new homes (building a new home can be a stressful and complex journey, right?). A good Head of Product also needs to make sure that the culture, purpose, goals and way of operating are nice and clear for the team, in order to make the impact we want.  

How would you explain to your grandmother what you do? 

David: She’s more interested in feeding her cat then knowing what I do for a job! But seriously, if I had to explain it to her though, it would be “making sure you can sell your house for more than it cost you”.

During your time at Scout24, which accomplishment are you most proud of? 

David: This one’s easy – establishing the team I have and working with them to create great products for our customers.  

How would you describe #WorkingAtScout24 in three words? 

David: Never dull days!

For someone wanting to get into this field – do you have any career advice you can offer? 

David: Product Management at its core is all about getting your head around a lot of information and talking with a lot of people.  Master the art of learning fast and being a great communicator, and you’re most of the way there.   

Thank you to David for sharing these insights into working in Product Management at Scout24!


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