ImmobilienScout24: A successful and reliable way to make your real estate dream come true

Housing is one of the central social issues of our time. Today, real estate is more in demand than ever before. But the market for apartments and houses is sometimes difficult to see through. Based on our data, we want to help create a transparent, functioning real estate market.

With over 14 million visitors per month (1), ImmobilienScout24 is Germany's leading digital marketplace for real estate (measured by the number of hits) and helps users find their new home or rental apartment. Since 2004, around 12 million real estate offers have been advertised on ImmobilienScout24. Around 150,000 new properties are added every month.

With our platforms and, we also operate a leading real estate advertising portal in Austria. The portal has also been part of the Scout24 Group in Austria since 2016. 

For real estate professionals, we are the digital shop window. We make commercial providers visible with their properties and services and support them in addressing their target groups. Since 2017 we have been offering a complete solution for the creation of 3D and virtual tours. This enables brokers and professional providers to integrate complete 3D tours and virtual tours into their real estate advertisements. 

Around 77 percent of all visits today are made via mobile devices in the ImmobilienScout24 App (2). In July 2018, we launched the voice-controlled real estate search with Amazon "Alexa Show": advertisements are read aloud and the corresponding picture gallery is displayed.  This is the first step in the field of voice control and takes the real estate search to the next level.

(1) Unique Monthly Visitors; Source: comScore Media Matrix

(2) Based on Unique Monthly Visitors (UMV) and user activity; Source: comScore December 2018 (desktop PC for UMV; desktop PC and mobile devices in terms of user activity)


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