Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance covers the overall management and supervisory system in a company, including its organisation, its business principles and guidelines, as well as the internal and external management and supervisory structures. It is fundamental that the management and supervisory board work together closely and efficiently in order to reach maximum transparency for shareholders and all other stakeholders.


Management Board & Leadership Team

Supervisory Board 

Compensation System

Articles of Association

Corporate Governance Documents

German Corporate Governance Codex in its latest version is available for download here

The rules of procedure of the Supervisory Board stipulate that: As a rule, only persons who have not reached the age of 70 at the time of their appointment or election may become members of the Supervisory Boards. 

Download here Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Board of Scout24 SE:

Rules of Procedure

In accordance with number 3.10 of the German Corporate Governance Code the Management and Supervisory Boards report annually on the Company’s Corporate Governance. The latest Corporate Governance Report, including the Corporate Governance Declaration, is available for download here:

Corporate Governance Report 2023

Corporate Governance Report 2022

Corporate Governance Report 2021

Corporate Governance Report 2020 

Corporate Governance Report 2019 

Corporate Governance Report 2018 

Corporate Governance Report 2017 

Corporate Governance Report 2016 

Our success is largely determined by our services and our values. We have set out these values in our own corporate Code of Conduct. The rules of conduct and guidelines laid down in this Code of Conduct form the framework for responsible action and follow the principles of corporate governance. In addition to legal requirements, ethical and social standards are also taken into account.  You can view this Code of Conduct here: 

Code of Conduct

The protection of privacy and the security of data processing is very important to us - as is the trust of our users, customers and employees. In our Data Protection Code of Conduct, we set out the guiding principles of our business activities with regard to data protection, transparency, the necessity of processed data and data minimization. 

Data Protection Code of Conduct 

Scout24 takes responsibility for respecting and strengthening internationally recognized human rights within its own business and through appropriate management of its supply chains. In accordance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), Scout24 has set up a complaints procedure. Complaints and information on human rights and environmental risks as well as violations of due diligence obligations of Scout24 can be reported there.

Complaints Procedure for the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

With a Whistleblowing System (WBS), Scout24 offers a tool to uncover violations and to protect Whistleblowers. Here you can find out more about the difference between the internal and external reporting channels.

Internal reporting system 

Contact details trusted Lawyers and Compliance Hotline 

Trusted Lawyers 

Scout24 employees can contact our external Lawyers of Trust in three different ways at any time:

  • via our Compliance-Hotline
  • via e-Mail
  • via BKMS (anonymous)

Our Lawyers of Trust, Dr. Rainer Frank and Sophia Hoffmeister, are legally bound to a duty of confidence:

All notifications will be:

  • taken seriously,

  • treated with strict confidentiality and

  • investigated

If necessary, reports may be made anonymously.


Dr Rainer Frank
Trusted Lawyer
Specialist lawyers for criminal law at Potsdamer Platz
Phone +49 30 31 86 85 79
e-mail: [email protected]

Sophia Hoffmeister
Trusted Lawyer
Specialist lawyers for criminal law at Potsdamer Platz
Phone +49 30 31 86 85 79
e-mail: [email protected]

No Retaliation Policy

Scout24 prohibits any form of sanctions directed at anyone who reports a potential violation in good faith or who contributes to an investigation, even if the suspicion of the misconduct eventually lacks sufficient proof to be clearly substantiated. This applies for the reporting of any potential violations of laws, regulations or policies, not only for those submitted through the Compliance Hotline.

External Whistleblowing

Whistleblowers also have the possibility to report to external entities. We'd like to stress that reporting via our internal reporting channels usually leads to significantly faster and direct processing of the report.

External Reporting Entities in Germany
External reporting entities in Germany include, in particular, the reporting channel of the Federal Government at the Federal Office of Justice, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, and the Federal Cartel Office. The federal government and states may also establish additional external reporting entities. Further information on the external whistleblowing process can be found under and externe-meldestellen.

In Austria, the Federal Bureau for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (BAK) is particularly to be mentioned as an external reporting entity. Other external reporting entities include, among others, the Financial Market Authority, the Money Laundering Reporting Office, the Audit Oversight Authority, as well as the whistleblower system of the Federal Competition Authority, the Accounting Authority, and the Chamber of Tax Advisors. Further information on the external whistleblowing process in Austria can be found under and

Whistleblowers can also contact external reporting entities of the European Commission, the European Anti-Fraud Office, as well as the European Securities and Markets Authority and other bodies, agencies, and entities of the European Union.

Our ESG Framework

When it comes to sustainability, it is important to us to create a high degree of transparency and, in doing so, to strive for a uniform understanding. As a data-driven company, for Scout24 these two factors are particularly crucial – both internally and externally. For this reason, our sustainability strategy will in future be structured in accordance with the ESG logic and structured on the basis of the identified material topics with a very specific ambition, objectives and KPIs. In doing so, we are not only taking up the structure of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), which will be binding for us from 2024, but also proactively addressing developments in the capital market. Our previous sustainability programme is fully integrated. In the course of developing the new ESG framework, we also evaluated our previous targets and KPIs. These contribute to SDGs 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13 and 17.

Our ambitions within the ESG Framework

Energy & climate protection
We live up to our climate responsibility
We consistently use renewable energy, reduce our consumption and minimise emissions to do our part towards achieving the Paris Agreement.
We create inclusive spaces
As a people company, we create a diverse, inclusive and inspiring work culture to sustainably secure our economic success. We utilize our business model to shape society with the help of our employees.
We pursue a value-driven approach to business management
We instil value-based behaviour throughout the whole and set standards as a digital marketplace taking responsibility with respect to customers and users.

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