Research Analysts

Scout24 AG is monitored by German and international financial analysts. Below we have listed the banks and securities firms that regularly publish analyses, studies and recommendations on Scout24 or the Scout24 share. This list is for information purposes only and is not binding.

Broker Analyst Last Update Recommendation Target Price
Bank of America David Amira 12/08/2021 Buy € 85.00
Barclays Andrew Ross 02/12/2021 Hold € 65.50
Berenberg Sarah Simon 13/12/2021 Buy € 70.00
Credit Suisse Joseph Barnet-Lamb 17/12/2021 Hold € 67.00
Deutsche Bank Fathima Nizla Naizer 02/12/2021 Buy € 73.00
Exane BNP Paribas William Packer 02/12/2021 Hold € 60.00
Goldman Sachs Lisa Yang 19/04/2021 Buy € 76.50
HSBC Christopher Johnen 11/11/2021 Buy € 80.00
J.P. Morgan Marcus Diebel 09/12/2021 Buy € 71.00
Kepler Cheuvreux Craig Abbott 14/12/2021 Buy € 69.00
Morgan Stanley Miriam Adisa 17/11/2021 Hold € 70.00
ODDO BHF Securities Martin Marandon-Carlhian 03/12/2021 Buy € 75.00
Royal Bank of Canada Wassachon Udomsilpa 02/12/2021 Buy € 81.00
Société Générale Simon Baker 13/08/2021 Hold € 73.00
UBS Adam Berlin 02/12/2021 Buy € 76.00
Warburg Marius Fuhrberg 03/12/2021 Buy € 72.00
Last Update: 14/12/2021        

Analyst Recommendations


Target Price (Median): € 72.50

Consensus Estimates

The analyst consensus provided here is prepared by Scout24 based on analyst studies available to the Company. It is based on estimates and forecasts of various sell-side analysts on our revenues, earnings and business developments. We use median estimates, as these are less susceptible to fluctuations and more independent of extreme individual estimates. Due to the sometimes limited availability of analyst studies, the evaluation makes no claim to completeness and may deviate in particular from other consensus overviews available on the market. The analyst consensus is in no way an indication of the actual key figures of the company and should not be mistaken for an official financial publication of Scout24.

    2021   2022   2023
Median Revenue Consensus   385.0   426.2   469.0
Year on year growth   +9.0%   +10.9%   +10.4%
Median ooEBITDA Consensus   222.5   247.7   282.9
Median ooEBITDA Margin   57.6%   58.4%   59.8%
Last Update: 24/11/2021            

You can download the detailed Scout24 Consensus here (Last Update: 24/11/2021).

Disclaimer: Scout24 SE accepts no liability for the selection, currency, completeness or correctness of the recommendations and estimates shown. None of the information on this website is intended as an offer or encouragement to buy Scout24 stocks. Scout24 SE accepts no liability for damages or losses incurred by third parties based on information published on this website.

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