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  • Share of women in tech teams increased from 17 % in 2020 to 28 % in 2022  

  • By 2025, the company strives to achieve gender parity within the entire workforce. 

  • The promotion of women in leadership positions will be accelerated by a new coaching programme

  • In total, employees from 58 nations work at Scout24. 

Munich / Berlin, 23 May 2023 

On the occasion of today's German Diversity Day, Scout24 has published its first Diversity, Equity & (...)

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  • Group revenues in the first quarter of 2023 up 13.0% to EUR 121.9 million
  • Growth momentum continues in core business with agents, Plus products and individual listings business
  • Demand for seller and mortgage leads remains muted
  • Ordinary operating EBITDA growing in excess of revenues, up 16.3% to EUR 68.2 million
  • Adjusted earnings per share grew by 27.3% to EUR 0.56
  • Confirmed guidance for 2023 of 12% revenue growth and 13% ordinary operating EBITDA growth 
  •  (...)
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  • Preliminary 2022 full-year financials confirmed with double-digit revenue and earnings growth
  • 18% increase in dividend to EUR 1.00 per share proposed
  • Revenue and EBITDA guidance for 2023 affirmed
  • Share buyback programme with a volume of up to EUR 100 million resolved
  • Carbon-equivalent footprint reduced by around 75% compared with the 2018 baseline

Munich / Berlin, 23 March 2023

In the annual report for the 2022 financial year published today, Scout24 (...)

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  • Group revenue up 15.0% year on year to EUR 447.5 million, Q4 revenue grows by 13.1%
  • Group’s ordinary operating EBITDA up 12.7% to EUR 251.1 million; growth accelerating further in Q4 to 14.4%
  • Strong core business with agents, Plus products and individual listings drive growth
  • Softer demand for Seller and Mortgage Leads in second half of 2022
  • Adjusted EPS grew more than 25% to EUR 1.91
  • Confirming guidance for 2023 of 12% revenue growth and 13% group (...)
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  • Group revenue increased by 17.7% to EUR 114.7 million in the third quarter of 2022
  • Core business with agents, Plus products and individual listings drive growth
  • Increased cost efficiency strengthens profitability: Ordinary operating EBITDA up by 17.3% to EUR 63.9 million in the third quarter
  • Management Board narrows guidance for financial year 2022 towards upper end of the range

Munich / Berlin, 3 November 2022

The Scout24 Group accelerated growth in the (...)

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  • Group revenue increases to EUR 217.6 million in the first half of 2022  
  • Core agent business benefits   

  • EBITDA rises by 9.5% to EUR 121 million  

  • Management Board raises guidance for the financial year 2022  

Munich / Berlin, August 9, 2022  

Scout24 SE, operator of the digital marketplace ImmoScout24, has continued the strong revenue growth of the first quarter also in Q2 2022. This resulted in Group revenue of EUR 217.6 million for the first (...)

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  • Broad shareholder approval for share buybacks and a dividend of 0.85 euros per share
  • CEO Tobias Hartmann reaffirms the company's mission to create transparency in the real estate market
  • CFO Dr. Dirk Schmelzer highlights revenue and earnings successes and the importance of the ESG strategy
  • Scout24 reports record year and sets course for further growth

Munich / Berlin, June 30th, 2022

Today's Annual General Meeting of Scout24 SE approved all resolutions (...)

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Munich / Berlin, June 15 2022

Scout24 SE, operator of the digital marketplace ImmoScout24, is transferring all activities relating to the company's sustainability under the management of Dr. Claudia Viehweger with immediate effect. Viehweger (who holds a doctorate in law) has already been responsible for human resources at Scout24 SE as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) since June 2021. With the addition of all sustainability topics, Scout24 appoints Claudia (...)

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Munich / Berlin, May 09 2022

Scout24 SE, operator of the digital marketplace ImmoScout24, appoints Jorin Verges (40) as new Director Corporate Communications. The experienced journalist and media expert is responsible for the communication of Scout24 SE and the ImmoScout24 brand. Jorin Verges reports directly to Tobias Hartmann, CEO of Scout24 SE, and succeeds Jan Flaskamp, who previously held the responsibility as Vice President Communications & Marketing. (...)

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  • First quarter reported according to new segment structure: Professional revenue +11.8%, Private revenue +27.0%, Media & Other revenue +7.5% 

  • Seller leads and Plus products remain the strongest revenue drivers 

  • Growth investments create additional value: EBITDA rises by 6.5% 

  • New EUR 350 million share buyback programme launched 

  • Annual targets confirmed at the upper end of the guidance 

Munich / Berlin, 3 May 2022 

Scout24 Group has made (...)

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  • Proposed dividend continues to be in the upper range of the long-term dividend policy
  • Scout24 SE publishes annual report and sustainability report 2021
  • Sustainability agenda further expanded

Munich/Berlin, 24 March 2022

In the annual report for the 2021 financial year published today, Scout24 confirms the preliminary financial results published on 1 March 2022. Accordingly, the Scout24 Group increased its revenue by 10.0% year on year to EUR 389.0 million. (...)

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  • Full year guidance for 2021 met: Group revenue up 10.0% year-on-year at EUR 389.0 million
  • At a margin of 57.3%, ordinary operating EBITDA was within the guidance range
  • Scout24 continues to develop into central point of contact for all real estate transactions, thus diversifying revenue structure
  • Strategy opens up new market potential and secures basis for double-digit growth in the future

Munich/Berlin, 1 March 2022

In the 2021 financial year, the Scout24 (...)

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Munich / Berlin, 2 December 2021 – Scout24 SE is pursuing its growth path and announces a positive outlook for 2022 and beyond at its virtual Capital Markets Day. The Management expects Scout24’s profitable growth to continue. Accordingly, Group revenue is expected to increase between 11% and 12% in 2022. At the same time, the Group's ordinary operating EBITDA is expected to grow between 6% and 8%. For 2023 and beyond, Scout24 plans to achieve revenue growth and (...)

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  • Residential Real Estate ARPU increases significantly
  • Strong demand for property sale mandates from agents
  • Plus-products boost Consumer revenue growth
  • Management Board confirms and refines full-year outlook

Munich/Berlin, 11 November 2021 – With its expanded product offering, the Scout24 Group achieved strong growth also in the third quarter of 2021. Thus, the positive development of the first half-year continued despite a tight real estate market (...)

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Munich, 19 October 2021 The conversion of Scout24 AG into a European Stock Corporation (Societas Europaea, SE) was effectively concluded on October 15 with the entry into the commercial register. The change of legal form underlines Scout24's positioning as a future-oriented European technology company. The SE is a supranational, European legal form that is an excellent fit for a modern and internationally oriented company with an international employee (...)

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