"For us, reaching the next level does not just mean increasing our profitability or improving our products and services. We also want to reach the next level of sustainability – a more environmentally conscious, socially just and economically sustainable future for everyone."

Tobias Hartmann,
CEO Scout24 SE
Even as a non-manufacturing company, ecological responsibility is also an important topic for Scout24. Here you will get an insight into our climate strategy and what we have achieved with our measures so far.
Environment & Climate
As part of society, we are aware of our social responsibility. Through various partnerships and initiatives, we focus on the areas of homelessness and diversity, equity & inclusion.
Social Responsibility
We are continuously working on anchoring sustainability as an integral part in all areas of Scout24. You can find out more about responsibilities, materiality, goals and our UNGC membership here.
Corporate Governance

Sustainability Report 2021

Taking responsibility is in our DNA. In our Sustainability Report 2021, you can find out how we get involved.

Sustainability reports of the past years

Sustainability report 2020
Sustainability report 2019
Sustainability report 2018

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