Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our goal is to make hard decisions easy for our users. Therefore, we make no differences in who uses our services. As a People Company, we create a diverse, inclusive and inspiring work culture and use our business model to help shape society through our skills.

We are diverse

We celebrate differences. Only through different perspectives, influences and opinions can we grow and become even better - together. Differences within our team are a strength for us. People from over 50 nations have already found a home with us – and this is increasing more and more. So that we all understand each other, we offer German and English courses online for all Scouts. In addition to this, all important information is always available in German and English.

We are happy to help you with your move  - no matter where you join us from. We appreciate you as you are - regardless of your origin, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, your gender, appearance or limitation. Just be yourself and find a new home with us.

Our DEI-Strategy

In 2020, we developed our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy, which comprises three pillars:

  • Inclusive Leadership & Culture 

  • Equitable Talent Processes and Development 

  • Value-driven Business 

Our measures are based on these pillars and are particularly visible in our four key areas of work. These include people processes, i.e. recruiting/talent acquisition, retaining employees and developing them further. In the fourth focus area "Awareness", we want to sensitize employees to what Diversity, Equity & Inclusion means for Scout24 and how each individual can contribute to more diversity and an inclusive working environment.

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Communities are voluntary, employee-led entities that foster a diverse and inclusive work environment linked to Scout24's mission, values and goals. The groups offer support and help with personal or professional development and create a safe space where everyone can contribute with their entire personality. Allies can also participate to support their colleagues as #OneTeam.

In addition to the existing communities Parents@Scout24 and Students@Scout24, the following communities were established at Scout24 last year:


We embrace diversity and inclusion 

At Scout24, we want to create an inclusive environment in which everybody is valued fairly and has equal opportunities to succeed – regardless of their ethnicity, the colour of their skin, gender, sexual identity, age, religion, ideology, disability, marital status, nationality or any other attributes. We strongly believe that the diversity of our Scouts is a foundation for our long-term success. The more diverse our teams are, the more experience and ideas can flow into our products. This enables us to tailor them even better to the needs of our customers. More than that, an inclusive work environment fosters the loyalty and motivation of employees. To make the topic of "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" even more visible to our employees, we implement various campaigns, events and learning formats in the company. For example, we have carried out company-wide anti-discrimination trainings with all areas. In our annual Diversity Weeks, we offer info sessions on topics such as allyship in teams or sessions co-designed by employees on racism in everyday life. In doing so, we take a holistic approach that considers all diversity dimensions.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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Diversity Statement 

We at Scout24 value and embrace the diversity that our employees bring to the company because we are convinced that precisely this diversity is the foundation for our success. We as a team can only unlock our potential if you feel secure, valued, and respected as an individual. We welcome you home just as you are. Bring your true self to our team which is a safe space for everyone with all gender and sexual identities, skin colors, ethnic origins, citizenships, ethnicities, religions and beliefs, disabilities, ages, or marital status.

For requests regarding equal opportunities in our recruiting practices, please contact [email protected].