Research Analysts

Broker Analyst Last Update
Bank of America Merril Lynch John King 14/08/2019
Barclays Andrew Ross 19/02/2020
Bankhaus Lampe Christoph Bast   14/02/2020
Credit Suisse Joseph Barnet-Lamb 13/08/2019
Deutsche Bank Fathima Nizla Naizer 14/02/2020
Exane BNP Paribas William Packer 18/12/2019
Goldman Sachs Lisa Yang 19/02/2020
HSBC Christopher Johnen 18/12/2019
J.P. Morgan Marcus Diebel 15/01/2020
Kepler Cheuvreux Craig Abbott   21/01/2020
Morgan Stanley Miriam Adisa 19/07/2019
Pareto Securities AS Mark Josefson 18/12/2019
Royal Bank of Canada Sherri Malek 03/12/2019
Societe Generale Remi Grisard 11/02/2020
UBS Richard Eary   27/01/2020
Warburg Marius Fuhrberg 18/12/2019
Last Update: 19/02/2020  

Analyst Recommendations*

Target Price (Median): € 62,00

Consensus Estimates*

   2019 2020 2021 2022
Median Revenue Consensus 617.6 680.6 756.7 850.0
Median ooEBITDA Consensus 323.2 373.2 427.6 492.8
Median ooEBITDA Margin 52% 55% 56% 57%
Last Update: 09/12/2019        

*Reflects the median of all recommendations/estimates provided after the CMD (26/11/2019).

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