Social responsibility

We create inclusive spaces

As a People Company, we create a diverse, inclusive and inspiring work culture and use our business model to help shape society through our skills.

Diversity, equity & inclusion at Scout24

We embrace diversity & equal opportunity

At Scout24, we want to create an inclusive environment in which everybody is valued fairly and has equal opportunities to succeed – regardless of their ethnicity, the colour of their skin, gender, sexual identity, age, religion, ideology, disability, marital status, nationality or any other attributes. We strongly believe that the diversity of our Scouts is a foundation for our long-term success. The more diverse our teams are, the more experience and ideas can flow into our products. This enables us to tailor them even better to the needs of our customers. More than that, an inclusive work environment fosters the loyalty and motivation of employees. To make the topic of "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" even more visible to our employees, we implement various campaigns, events and learning formats in the company. For example, we have carried out company-wide anti-discrimination trainings with all areas. In our annual Diversity Weeks, we offer info sessions on topics such as allyship in teams or sessions co-designed by employees on racism in everyday life. In doing so, we take a holistic approach that considers all diversity dimensions.

Our DEI-Strategy

In 2020, we developed our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy, which comprises three pillars:

  • Inclusive Leadership & Culture 

  • Equitable Talent Processes and Development 

  • Value-driven Business 

Our measures are based on these pillars and are particularly visible in our four key areas of work. These include people processes, i.e. recruiting/talent acquisition, retaining employees and developing them further. In the fourth focus area "Awareness", we want to sensitize employees to what Diversity, Equity & Inclusion means for Scout24 and how each individual can contribute to more diversity and an inclusive working environment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report 2022

We have published our first Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) report, providing an overview of the strategy, goals and measures on these topics.

Go to the Scout24 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report 2022 here.

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Communities are voluntary, employee-led entities that foster a diverse and inclusive work environment linked to Scout24's mission, values and goals. The groups offer support and help with personal or professional development and create a safe space where everyone can contribute with their entire personality. Allies can also participate to support their colleagues as #OneTeam.

In addition to the existing communities Parents@Scout24 and Students@Scout24, the following communities were established at Scout24 last year:


Working at Scout24

For more than 20 years, we have been an agile, dynamic and multicultural company in which our employees make a difference. Our mission is to promote entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, to live diversity and equal opportunity, to embrace change in our daily work, to offer tailored training and development formats, and to find the best talent for Scout24.

Find out more about your career at Scout24 and your benefits here.

Our social engagement

We give something back

We want to make an active contribution to society, and we understand corporate citizenship as part of our corporate social responsibility. By tackling social challenges together, we experience and exemplify team spirit in practice, as well as a committed corporate culture that is conscious of its values. We learn from others within and outside of our company and pass on our knowledge. At the beginning of 2022, we sharpened the focus of our social commitment. In the future, we want to focus our attention primarily on the areas of homelessness and diversity, equity & inclusion. With our long-term partnerships, we aim to drive sustainable development together.

Berlin City Mission

In 2022, we entered into a new partnership with the Berlin City Mission. Every day, the organization provides homeless people with basic necessities such as food or clothing. In winter, the Stadtmission also offers several emergency cold weather emergency shelters throughout Berlin. In addition to a clothing donation in November, the Berlin City Mission has also received monetary donations from Scout24 for the maintenance of emergency shelters and medical care for homeless & shelterless people, as well as for hygiene products distributed to refugees at Berlin's Central Station.


Finding a home is the first step to escaping homelessness

Homelessness is a particularly stressful form of social exclusion. As the market leader in real estate, we want to help everyone put a roof over their heads. With the HOME STREET HOME collaboration, we are using our reach to provide information about homelessness and housing concepts.

World record with Little Home e.V.

Also in 2022, we supported the Little Home e.V.. The association manufactures mobile living boxes made of wood and thus creates places of retreat for people who currently have no roof over their heads. In addition to financial support, an ImmoScout team participated in a house-building campaign in the summer of 2022. Together with nine other teams, we succeeded in setting a world record for the "most participants in a one-day social mini-house building project".

Home for the Sozialheld*innen

We have been partnering with the Sozialheld*innen (Social Heroes) for over 10 years and provide them with office space, technology and infrastructure. At the same time, the Sozialheld*innen team helps us make our products and services even more accessible to people with mobility and visual impairments - for example, through the inclusion of Wheelmap on ImmoScout24.

Cares Team

Sustainability & DEI management is supported in the area of social engagement by a cross-site Cares team of particularly committed employees. Together, they organize corporate volunteering projects and fundraising campaigns. In 2022, for example, a blood donation campaign with the German Red Cross, a clothing donation for the benefit of associations helping the homeless in Berlin, and the annual Wish Tree campaign for socially disadvantaged children were realized.

Berlin Social Academy

The 10th Berlin Social Academy took place in September 2022. In over 40 workshops, speakers from a wide range of companies passed on their knowledge to non-profit organizations on a pro bono basis. As the founder of the Berlin Social Academy, Scout24 SE has been part of the initiative from the very beginning and dedicated Scouts were also present as speakers with a workshop on strengthening diversity, equal opportunities & inclusion in organizations, a beginner's course on using the social network TikTok and tips and tricks for creating job ads & target group definitions.

Help for Ukraine

For those affected by the Ukraine crisis, we also want to make a contribution. Russia's attack on Ukraine is a ruthless assault on a sovereign and democratic country in Europe. It affects not only all peaceful people in Ukraine, but our common understanding of freedom, self-determination and democracy. In the current situation, we are doing what we do best at ImmoScout24: Provide people with accommodation. We call on all owners, landlords, private individuals and companies to provide living space for refugees. Whether it's a single room, an apartment or a semi-detached house - every room counts. Accommodation can be advertised free of charge on ImmoScout24.

Social Summer

Due to the current crisis situation in Ukraine and the resulting challenges, we also decided to start our corporate volunteering earlier than usual last year. Over a period of five months, our employees had the opportunity to support charitable projects during their working hours during the "Social Summer". In 2022, the focus of our commitment was on helping homeless people as well as refugees. During the entire campaign period, our employees committed over 530 hours to a total of 14 selected projects.

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