Capital Market Story 

Scout24 operates in a market environment with enormous potential.

With the leading online platform ImmoScout24, Scout24 is more relevant than ever before – and therefore in an excellent position to generate further profitable growth. In this leading position, we intend to continually develop IS24 into a fully networked digital marketplace within Germany’s real estate ecosystem. In the long term, our aim is to enable the completion of real estate transactions end-to-end through our networked marketplace. As we move toward that goal, we want to offer our users the best user experience while continually improving data quality and market transparency. To this end, we are constantly enhancing our offering and developing new products and services that we offer with the support of systematic sales and marketing activities.

Although the company has already achieved a great deal, the German real estate market is still at an early stage of digitisation compared with other countries and holds enormous potential for us . Our goal is to further expand the leading competitive position of ImmoScout24 – through additional investment in a superior service offering and with the aim of being the platform that further advances the digitalisation of the entire German real estate market. 

Further information on our strategy and objectives is available here.
Strategy and goals
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