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Making it happen: Our 2019 in review

2019 was the year we made it happen! We made the right strategic decisions, while also setting a new record in how we operate our businesses across the Scout24 family. Our 2019 Annual Report was an opportunity to share these achievements.

So to acknowledge our successes of 2019 and share our learnings with our wider community, we launched an online campaign on 19 February 2020. Each week a new story was released on our 2019 Annual Report website,, and we invited our audience, Scouts and stakeholders to follow the journey via our social media channels with our management team sharing key insights. In case you missed it, here’s an overview of the video highlights:  

Make it count 

Our Chief Financial Officer Dr Dirk Schmelzer reflected on the successes of 2019 and how we “made it happen” across the Scout24 family. 

Make it real  

Data plays an important role in the sale of any property. Our Chief Commercial Officer, Ralf Weitz, shared insights on why we make it a priority at ImmoScout24

Make it roll 

Our Chief Product Officer Dr Thomas Schroeter revealed how we’re setting standards for new digital products, such as with AutoScout24’s OneClick car buying process, by living the “make it happen” values. 

Make it profitable  

Our CPO returns with Dr Thomas Schroeter sharing how ImmoScout24 is bringing together real estate owners, agents and those looking for a new apartment, to help each group achieve their real estate goals. 

Make it easy  

Next, Thomas broke down what “make it happen” means for ImmoScout24 ⏤ and your online experience in searching for a new home or property.

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