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Up in the Sky...with AIRTEAM

AIRTEAM is a drone pilot to business platform. The startup connects businesses that need aerial shots with pilots that can execute these shots. They create stunning aerial photos, videos, 360 videos, 3D models, virtual tours, thermal imaging and inspections and offer aerial drone services all over Germany catering for customers in real estate, energy, construction and TV & events. We talk to Thomas Gorski, AIRTEAM’s founder & team captain, to learn more about the startup’s cooperation with Scout24, its current key projects and his view on the next trends in drone photography.

1. Thomas, AIRTEAM has been in the You Is Now (YIN) accelerator program for more than a year now. How does the program support you in building your business?

Thomas: The YIN program has helped AIRTEAM in several ways to accelerate our business. First of all, it has connected us to very skilled and knowledgeable people at Scout24 from all different departments. This has helped us tremendously to learn about customer needs and how we can best service them with aerial imagery and videos. It got us exposure to customers from the commercial team and learn rapidly by doing several projects together. Secondly, the program has also helped us by connecting us with other startups to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Last but not least, it was special people such as Sascha Karstädt, Beate Wendenburg, Ralf Neugebauer, Annika Jungnickel and Christian Bubenheim who made the program really great for us.

2. How will you collaborate with Scout24 in the future now that the company has taken another approach for its innovation strategy?

Thomas: We will continue to collaborate with Scout24, being their preferred drone service provider. Customers request more and more aerial imagery and we will help to provide it to them in the fastest and most secure way.

3. What are your current key projects?

Thomas: Currently we are expanding our services from drone imagery for marketing purposes to also cover more technical demands of aerial imagery such as for construction projects. We will work closely with the ImmobilienScout24 developer team to identify their customers’ needs and to develop a solution with added value for ImmobilienScout24 and for its customers.

AIRTEAM’s equipments

4. What do you think are the next trends in drone photography? What comes after the drone revolution?

Thomas: I believe the drone revolution has just started. We are seeing more and more use cases for drones from aerial imagery for real estate, inspections, logistics, agriculture and also for human transportation. When I was a kid I was already fascinated by drones that carried humans in books about the future. Being part of the drone revolution myself and seeing such technologies become a reality feel like a childhood dream come true.

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