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#WomenLeaders at Scout24: Meet Ursula Querette, Head of Investor Relations

Ursula Querette has been with the company for almost 1.5 years now. She is an Investor Relations expert and has long-standing capital market experience. In this interview she talks about her responsibilities, role models and what advices she would give to other women.

Hi Ursula, what’s your position at the company and how would you explain what you do to your grandparents?

Ursula: I am Head of Investor Relations of Scout24 AG, the stock-listed holding company of ImmoScout24. I explain to the shareholders of Scout24 the business model and strategy of the company. That way, they can take an educated investment decision... and ideally buy or continue to hold our shares. This is how I explained it to my children and I would also explain it like this to my grandmothers if they were still alive.

What has been your biggest achievement at Scout24 so far?

Ursula: Organising a Capital Markets Day with my team, which took place in November 2019, only 2.5 months after I started at Scout24. This event is for investors, financial analysts and media representatives and Management Board explained the company's strategy in great detail to create a better and deeper understanding of the business. 

As a female leader you are a role model to others. Who’s your role model?

Ursula: Christine Lagarde: I see her as an all-round talent, she is a mother of two children, goal-oriented and a power woman on various levels.  And since I mentioned them before: both of my grandmothers are role models to me. They lived through one or even two World Wars, worked, fed and educated their children without the father being there while always staying optimistic.

How do you make sure to have work-life balance, especially with a family?

Ursula: Weekends and holidays are holy to me and my family, I try not to think about work then. A flexible home-office policy (which we have at Scout24) also helps. But I have to admit: my children (who are now 17 and 18 years old) recently reminded me that they were always the last to be picked up from afternoon-school. Sometimes, they even had to wait outside on the stairs …

Is there an advice you would want to give to other women?

Ursula: Don’t undersell your skills and experiences. And if you are a working mom, don’t have a guilty conscience when the other mothers bake the nicer cakes or go to all parent consultation days.

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