First Sustainability Hackweek for new sustainable products

Our Hackweek 2023 was dedicated entirely to sustainability for the first time. During this week, all employees have the opportunity to participate in cross-functional projects or propose their own projects. The three best teams in the competition are each entitled to prize money of 500 euros, which can be donated to a charity of their choice.
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Our aim at this year's Hackweek was to develop ideas in the area of sustainability that can be integrated into our product world. In doing so, we not only want to improve our offerings for customers, but also protect the environment and take greater account of social aspects in our marketplaces.

Special thanks go to our winners, who were recognized in the Sustainability HackWeek 2023 for their project "Google's Solar API Integrations in the Homeowner World - Solar Energy Calculator". Their idea is for Immoscout24 users to be able to estimate the potential of solar energy at specific locations and on existing buildings using the new Google API.