Scout24 joins United Nations Global Compact and expands Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The United Nations Global Compact is considered the world's largest initiative for sustainable corporate governance. As a company that wants to contribute to a more environmentally conscious, socially just and economically sustainable future, Scout24 has now also joined the initiative. 

In June 2021, CEO Tobias Hartmann signed the so-called UN Global Compact Commitment Letter, a declaration of commitment by Scout24 to the Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres. With this letter, Scout24 officially commits to complying with ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, and to anchoring these principles in its corporate culture and day-to-day business. In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals are to be driven forward and realized through sustainable innovations. These are 17 goals that were set as part of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and are to be achieved by 2030 in order to ensure sustainable development. 

companies & organisations have already joined the United Nations Global Compact.
goals are supposed to ensure sustainable development by 2030.

A first step after joining the UN Global Compact was the expansion of the Scout24 Code of Conduct for suppliers. In the document, they are encouraged, among other things, to engage themselves responsibly and sustainably in their social environment. In addition, suppliers are asked to take action against discrimination, harassment and abuse in their company or to grant their employees rights such as freedom of association. Since October 29, 2021, the extended Code of Conduct is publicly available on the Scout24 website for all interested parties. The extension of the Code of Conduct for suppliers is thus a first measure to comply with the 10 principles and to anchor the UN Global Compact at Scout24 in the company. 

The UN Global Compact initiative was launched 21 years ago. Today, 17,500 companies and organizations from civil society, politics and science in more than 170 countries have joined the initiative to shape the economy in a responsible and sustainable way.