On our way to CO2 neutrality: Scout24 takes part in the Deutsche Bahn Climate Mobility Challenge

A new mobility policy and the conversion of the vehicle fleet to e-mobility are essential steps on our journey to CO2 neutrality. Now Scout24 is taking part in the Climate Mobility Challenge hosted by Deutsche Bahn.

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a completely CO2-neutral company by 2025. How and with which means of transport our employees get to work and how many CO2 emissions are released in the process - this also flows into Scout24's carbon footprint. As part of our climate strategy, we have already implemented various measures to make the travel behavior of our employees more climate-friendly. With our initiatives, we are now applying for the Climate Mobility Challenge of Deutsche Bahn - and thus setting an example for more climate protection.

What is the Climate Mobility Challenge?

The Climate Mobility Challenge by is a competition for sustainable mobility projects by companies. A jury evaluates and awards prizes to the best solutions. The aim of the challenge is to take joint action to counteract climate change.

Our initiatives for more sustainable travel

One of the biggest drivers of emissions prior to the Corona pandemic had been our travel behavior: In 2019, we emitted 1,100 metric tons of greenhouse gases from air travel alone. This accounted for about 26 percent of our total carbon footprint. With the launch of our new mobility policy last year, we set out to reduce these emissions: Since summer 2021, all domestic German business trips are to be taken by rail if the route can be covered within four and a half hours by train. We also began converting our vehicle fleet to e-mobility last year. To date, we already drive 89 percent electrically. By the end of 2022, we will have switched almost completely to electric cars.