Scout24 employees prepare sandwiches for arriving Ukrainians

Many refugees from Ukraine are currently arriving at Berlin Central Station. A group of Scout24 volunteers has joined forces to support them with sandwiches they have prepared themselves.

The current situation is a nightmare for many Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes head over heels due to the war in their homeland. Many refugees are now also arriving in Germany every day. Berlin's main train station is one of the central arrival points. Hundreds of volunteers work here every day to provide the people from Ukraine with the most basic necessities and all the relevant information about their arrival in Germany.  

We also experience a great willingness to help among our employees. A group of Scout24 employees took advantage of the close proximity of our Berlin office building to the main train station to help support the arriving Ukrainians - with sandwiches they had prepared themselves. Cutting vegetables, topping sandwiches, labeling paper bags: In just under 1.5 hours, eleven scouts prepared 160 sandwiches and handed them over to the volunteers at Berlin Central Station. 

Alongside self-organized transports of donations in kind and charity runs, the sandwich campaign was just one of many wonderful initiatives that our employees set up proactively in the past weeks.  

As the market leader for digital property marketing and search, ImmoScout24 wants to help find accommodation for Ukrainians. That’s why we have set up a website as a point of contact for offering free accommodation throughout Germany. Find out more about ImmoScout24's commitment here.