We are world record holders: 10 Little Homes for homeless people built in one day

The little houses of Little Home e.V. have been the first step for many homeless people to leave their life on the street behind. On August 13, we participated as "Team ImmoScout24" in a house-building campaign - and set a world record together with other volunteers!

From our daily business, we know how difficult the search for housing can be. However, this process is a particular challenge for homeless people. Together with volunteers, and often with homeless people themselves, Little Home e.V. manufactures small wooden boxes and creates refuges for people who currently have no roof over their heads.

The mini houses measure about 3.2 square meters and have space for a mattress, a shelf, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a camping toilet and a small work surface with the possibility to cook. And, of course, in winter they provide shelter from rain, snow and cold. Because on the streets, homeless people lead a life in plain sight and without privacy. Intimate things like going to the toilet become a challenge. A lack of protection in extreme weather conditions and a lack of retreat and rest facilities can also lead to various health and psychological problems.

Since the founding of Little Home e.V., more than 200 Little Homes have been built, enabling 146 people to find a real home again and 109 people to find a job as well. Probably the most spectacular project of the founder Sven Lüdecke took place last Saturday in Berlin. With the goal of building 10 small homes in a single day and thus setting a new world record, the association gathered 100 volunteers - including the 11-member "Team Immoscout".

At 9 a.m., the work began. 12 pallets of OSB boards, 30 kg of screws, 50 liters of paint and 800 wooden slats were waiting for us at the construction site. The briefing was given by experienced members of Little Home e.V., some of whom had been residents of the mini-houses themselves in the past. After that it was time for painting, sawing, screwing and hammering. We had a total of 10 hours to complete one of 10 houses to secure the world record.

Around 8 p.m., it was finally time. An employee of the German Record Institute inspected the living boxes set up in a row by the teams and checked the final number of participants. Not long after there was reason to celebrate: We managed to set a new world record! That same evening, one of the Little Homes was already taken into use.

We are grateful to have been part of this inspiring project. It is unbelievable what Little Home e.V. and all the participants have put together in a very short time to give people on the margins of society a chance for a better life.