Successful clothing donation campaign for the homeless in Berlin

In November 2022, Scout24 handed over a total of 20 moving boxes with winter clothing and material donations to the Berliner Stadtmission and Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V.. As a company, we are in this way making an important contribution to supporting homeless people in the upcoming cold season.
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From November to April, countless homeless people in Germany are exposed to the freezing temperatures on the streets. The Scout24 Cares team therefore started a two-week clothing donation campaign at the end of October. Thanks to the generous donations of our employees, we were able to put together a total of 20 boxes with winter coats, jumpers, shoes, wool hats, blankets and much more. 

We turned over our clothing and material donations in equal parts to the Berliner Stadtmission and the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V.. There, people in need are provided with clothing free of charge and without bureaucratic hurdles. Selected items are also distributed on outreach tours together with warm food, hygiene articles and sleeping bags. 

Even beyond our internal campaigns, we encourage the scouts to donate to homeless charities. For example, we provide all contact details, opening hours and lists of needs digitally for our employees.