5 years of partnership with AfB Social & Green IT

Since 2017, we have been cooperating with the non-profit IT company AfB. Every year, we donate our used IT equipment to them and have already saved over 270,000 kg of raw materials.

As a digital company, we essentially require one thing to work efficiently: functioning IT, such as our laptops, mobile devices or printers. Of course, through constant use, some of our devices wear out every year. But since the mining of raw materials and the production of essential hardware are associated with significant social and environmental impacts, extending the lifetime of these devices is the most sustainable option.

For five years now, we have therefore been donating our used IT equipment to AfB Social & Green IT - Europe's largest non-profit IT company. About half of the employees at AfB gGmbH are people with disabilities. In contrast to workshops for the disabled, where employees only receive a wage, AfB offers its employees a permanent job that is subject to social insurance contributions at the standard local salary rate. 

During our five-year partnership, we donated a total of 7,456 IT and mobile devices to AfB. In doing so, we have saved over 270,000 kg of raw materials and more than 830,000 kg of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. This is equivalent to the weight of almost 200 cars or the amount of C02 that 13,300 beech trees could bind in five years.  An important contribution to protecting resources!