New pilot project: Female Leadership Coaching

Today, our new women's development program "Female Leadership Coaching" starts. In six modules, young professionals are prepared for a potential management role at Scout24. In this way, we are today already empowering the female leaders of tomorrow.

Since 2020, we have already been able to increase our share of women in the entire workforce from 39 % to a full 43 % in 2022. This means we are well on our way to achieving our major goal of gender parity by 2025. Nevertheless, we are aware that we still have a long way to go. The proportion of women in management positions is currently still at 35 %. In order to truly create equity, we want to offer all Scouts the same career opportunities.

That is why we are launching our "Female Leadership Coaching" today to empower and encourage women at Scout24 to pursue leadership positions. The pilot project will launch with six women who were nominated for participation by their managers together with our People Team. In the future, we plan to offer this project once every year.

The talents take part in a total of six modules over a period of six weeks, in which they are prepared for a potential role in a management position. All modules are led by our coaches or colleagues. The focus is primarily on the challenges that leadership functions especially hold for women and how to meet such challenges, as well as on different types of leadership and how women can empower each other in the workplace.