Diversity Week at Scout24

At Scout24, we dedicated the past week to diversity. As part of our annual "Diversity Week", our Scouts were able to further educate themselves on numerous aspects of diversity for the fourth time in a row.

From 4 to 7 July 2023, we celebrated diversity once again with our "Diversity Week" and dedicated time to new topics for a more inclusive working environment. Diversity and inclusion are an important part of our corporate culture at Scout24. We fully believe that everyone can only perform at their best when they feel safe and valued. This is something we are continuously working on as #OneTeam.

This year, our Diversity Week was all about getting "From Allyship to Action". With a broad programme, we encouraged our Scouts to proactively contribute to more equality and tolerance. Together we learned more about allyship, reflected on our own roles as allies or stakeholders and developed concrete approaches for positive change.

During the week, among other things, there were opportunities to take part in exciting workshops under the title "50 ways to fight bias", to listen to a lecture by Raul Krauthausen from the Sozialheld:innen e.V. on #queerhomes or to sing along loudly at the LGBTQIA+ karaoke night.

With initiatives like the "Diversity Week", we pursue the larger goal of adopting different perspectives, pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers in all areas of Scout24 in order to realize our full potential and make a difference together! #makeadifference