People Behind Products: Meet Lukas Hanewinkel and the Solar System Comparison

Lukas Hanewinkel is Marketing Cooperations Manager and has been working at ImmoScout24 for three years now. He started his career at the company as a Working Student in the Performance and Online Marketing team. We sat down with him to talk about Lukas’ main responsibilities, his highlights at ImmoScout24 and the product that he helped develop.

Hi Lukas, what are the main tasks of a Marketing Cooperations Manager at ImmoScout24? 

Lukas: In the Marketing Cooperations team at ImmoScout24 we focus on several core products such as homeseller, mortgage and relocation leads. I am responsible for the topics finance and relocation and maintain long-lasting partnerships with companies in these business areas. These partnerships range from small comparison portals of relocation companies to large lenders in the private sector. 

One of the products that you recently developed with your team is the solar system comparison (Solarvergleich), a tool that helps users find the right provider for their solar project. Why did you and your team decide to build it and what is special about this product? 

Lukas: We are convinced that this product is a logical addition to our offers for real estate owners. The interest in solar systems has risen in recent years in this target group. We want to support our homeowners in making the right choice of provider in this area. We are also proud that we as ImmoScout24 can make a contribution to the energy transition in Germany with this new product.

What has been your biggest highlight at the company so far? 

Lukas: My personal highlight here at ImmoScout24 is the development of the solar system comparison MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The way different teams worked together to create this product was an incredible journey. I am grateful for all the experience I was able to gain and all the amazing people I met when I coordinated this project.

Which other projects are in your focus now? 

Lukas: Another area that I am in charge of is paid e-mail marketing. What particularly appeals to me is that this area differs from the cooperations I usually manage. At the moment we are testing different products for this marketing channel. This means I have to familiarize myself with many different products and gain an overview of everything we offer at ImmoScout24. This gives me a good opportunity to learn more about the company and our benefits for the customers.