Scout24 presents growth strategy and updated financial framework for 2024-2026 at Capital Markets Day

  • Outperformed 2021 Capital Markets Day targets despite challenging market environment
  • Investments in product and technology of around EUR 300 million over the past years has positioned Scout24 as the most comprehensive digital platform for agents, seekers and homeowners
  • Next level strategic framework centered around merging data and classifieds to enable efficient matchmaking evolving Scout24 beyond a listings marketplace
  • Expecting continued healthy revenue growth and strong operating leverage for 2024-2026 as the company continues to scale
  • 2024 financial guidance: 9-11% revenue growth and ooEBITDA margin expanding to about 61%
  • 2024-2026 financial guidance framework: high single-digit to low double-digits revenue growth and ooEBITDA margin to reach 63% by 2026

Berlin / Munich, 28 February 2024. At today’s Capital Markets Day Scout24 presented its updated company strategy, which will be centered around merging data with classifieds to facilitate more efficient matchmaking.

By merging relevant data and classifieds, all stakeholders are set to benefit. Scout24 will enrich its listings with value-added content and data to facilitate optimal decision-making for its users. Agents will have access to a wide array of digital solutions to drive business in an increasingly complex and interconnected real estate market. The evolving homeowner hub will allow owners to manage their properties digitally. For seekers, we enable a new and improved search. In the future, we will provide further real estate-related data to all stakeholders. By executing this strategy, we will continue to drive the long-term real estate digitization in Germany.

“At our Capital Markets Day 2021 we presented our strategy of evolving Scout24 beyond a traditional marketplace. With ImmoScout24 we have built the most comprehensive data portal for real estate in Germany. Having executed well on the initial investment phase, we are now entering the next phase, which is about driving interconnectivity and matchmaking between all stakeholders. We will deliver growth by merging relevant object data with classifieds, effectively transforming Scout24 to the number one provider of real estate information and content. All professional and private users will benefit from interconnected products, personalized experiences and more business opportunities,” comments Tobias Hartmann, CEO of Scout24 SE.

The basis for this updated strategy are the focused investments in our tech and product portfolio over the past years. Scout24 now uses its tech platform and interconnected plug and play products to drive digitization of real estate transactions allowing for the best possible matchmaking.

“ImmoScout24 is the leading platform for real estate in Germany, in content, audience and trust. We bring together supply and demand, provide market insights, data analytics and create market transparency in an increasingly complex market. We have invested around EUR 300 million in the past years to establish the most comprehensive product and tech portfolio for our customer groups to enable them to succeed in the market. AI is now a key part to take our products and data strategy to the next level. Our focus is now on building interconnected products for our customers and consumers to drive a more personalized user experience and take matchmaking to the next level,” says Ralf Weitz, CPTO at Scout24 SE.

Next-level strategy around interconnectivity provides basis for continued healthy growth and scalability for the period 2024-2026
Scout24 is entering this new phase from a position of strength. With our product portfolio, Scout24 has proven it can grow in all market environments.

“We have delivered a strong performance since our Capital Markets Day 2021. We invested for our customers while building a stronger foundation. We generated attractive returns for our shareholders through earnings growth and returning capital through dividends and share buybacks. I am particularly pleased that we managed to grow our adjusted EPS by a CAGR of 29% since 2021. Going forward, our financial guidance until 2026 reflects our clear commitment to deliver attractive revenue growth whilst continuing to scale our profitability,” comments Dirk Schmelzer, CFO at Scout24.

Financial guidance for 2024
The Management Board expects revenues to grow 9-11% and ordinary operating EBITDA margin expanding to about 61%.

Financial guidance framework 2024-2026
For the three-year period from 2024 to 2026, the Management Board expects group revenues to grow annually at a rate of high single-digit to low double-digits and ordinary operating EBITDA margin to reach 63% by 2026.

Capital Markets Day documents
The presentation of today's Capital Markets Day and the replay will be available at on 29 February 2024.

Next dates
28 March 2024: Publication Annual Report Full Year 2023.

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