Scout24 SE: Annual General Meeting approves significantly higher dividend and elects two more women to the Supervisory Board

  • Dividend of EUR 1.00 per share 18 % above prior-year figure
  • Two members retire, two female successors elected to the Supervisory Board – proportion of women on the Supervisory Board rises to 50 %
  • Renewal of authorisation for further share buybacks

Munich / Berlin, 22 June 2023. The Annual General Meeting of Scout24 SE took place today for the first time in three years as an in-person event in Munich. A total of 81.47 % of the voting share capital of Scout24 SE was represented. The most important items on the agenda included the 18 % increase in the dividend to EUR 1.00 per share, the renewed authorisation for further share buybacks, and the election of two new Supervisory Board members.

With Maya Miteva and Sohaila Ouffata, two qualified new members were elected to the Scout24 Supervisory Board. The appointment of the two candidates brings the proportion of women on the Supervisory Board to 50 %. The two former members, Christoph Brand and Peter Schwarzenbauer, resigned from their offices as members of the Supervisory Board with effect from the Annual General Meeting being held on 22 June 2023. Both new Supervisory Board members bring highly relevant educational and professional backgrounds that make the Supervisory Board an even more diverse body with a broad range of competencies. As a real estate expert, Maya Miteva brings many years of experience in the real estate industry as well as proven expertise in M&A and corporate finance. Sohaila Ouffata has many years of experience in venture capital investments as well as innovative business models and digital products. This new setup will also benefit Scout24's development as the company enters a new market phase.

The Annual General Meeting also ratified the actions of the members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board for the fiscal year 2022. The shareholders approved these agenda items and all other proposed resolutions requiring approval by a large majority. Only the compensation report presented was not approved by a majority.

In his speech, CEO Tobias Hartmann underlined the advantages of the three-sided marketplace and the extensive product portfolio for all market participants in a strongly changed market environment. "Our three-sided marketplace successfully brings together owners, seekers and professional customers in a trusted environment. This strategic diversification has once again proven to be very resilient in a changing real estate market over the past year. We are and will remain the first touchpoint for our customers and users. We will continue to drive the digitalization and simplification of real estate transactions to enable more efficient and sustainable transactions for all market participants."

In his speech, Dr Dirk Schmelzer, Chief Financial Officer of Scout24 SE, explained the Group's once again very successful financial and economic development. He showed how the high-performance product portfolio continues to drive growth in all three business segments. In addition, the investments of the past three years are increasingly leading to growing profitability – in the form of rising EBITDA margins. "The combination of a sustained good business development and the repurchase of our own shares has also enabled us to significantly increase earnings and the dividend per share and create attractive returns for our shareholders."

Dr. Hans-Holger Albrecht, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, summed up with a view to future prospects: "Scout24 has succeeded in achieving record growth in a changed market environment and in continuing to lay the foundation for future growth. Sustainable growth is made possible by sustainable business practices. Scout24 has also made great progress in its ESG activities. The long-term increase in diversity is a key element of our strategy in this regard, as today's Supervisory Board elections also underscore. I would like to take this opportunity to again express my sincere thanks to my former Supervisory Board colleagues, Mr. Christoph Brand and Mr. Peter Schwarzenbauer, for their commitment to Scout24 over the past years."

The subject of the resolution were the following agenda items*:

TOP 2: Resolution on the distributable profit – distribution of dividend

TOP 3: Approval of the acts of the members of the Management Board

TOP 4: Approval of the acts of the members of the Supervisory Board

TOP 5: Election of the new auditor (PWC)

TOP 6: Approval of the remuneration report

TOP 7a: Elections to the Supervisory Board, Maya Miteva 

TOP 7b: Elections to the Supervisory Board, Sohaila Ouffata

TOP 8: Authorisation to purchase treasury shares

TOP 9: Authorisation to issue bonds with warrants and convertible bonds

TOP 10: Amendment of the Articles of Association in respect of virtual general meetings

TOP 11: Amendment of the provision in Article 4 of the Articles of Association on entries in the stock register to reflect new statutory provisions

*This is an abbreviated presentation of the proposed resolutions.

The detailed voting results and supplementary material on the Annual General Meeting are available on the website of Scout24 SE at

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