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Updated: March 26, 2024Reading time: 10 minutes

A Product Managers's day at the Berlin Office – with Diep Khac Vu

Seven years ago, Diep kicked off his career journey as an intern at Scout24 in the Product Management team. Since then, he's leveled up to become first a Junior and then a Professional Product Manager, and he's still buzzing with excitement about his work. 

Fun fact about him: he's a tea fanatic, knocking back around two liters a day! His special blend? A mix of green tea, ginger tea, and manuka honey, keeping him fresh and pumped for whatever comes his way.

Can you describe what a typical working day looks like for you as a Product Manager at Scout24? What tasks are at the forefront?

My role as a Product Manager offers an exciting variety as each day brings new tasks and challenges from planning our next big initiatives to talking with designers and developers.My tasks at the forefront are mainly to develop new and innovative products for our business and get all stakeholders on board, to bring the new products to life 

What excites you the most about being a Product Manager?

The most exciting thing as a Product Manager is to see a product being build from just a concept and an idea, up to people using it once it has been fully developed and went LIVE for all our lovely people on the platform. 

With which departments do you cooperate most in your role?

In my role I’m in touch with all stakeholders who make the product a success.From Developers who are building the product, Marketing Managers advertising the product, Analyst people getting all the data together to measure the success and as well customer care to see how people feel of our product. Of course as well with our management to keep them always in the loop.

Which project at Scout24 has been the most enjoyable for you so far?

When I look back at the countless initiatives I worked on, the most enjoyable project at Scout24 was to build our own ImmoScout24 solvency check aka „ImmoScout24 Bonitätsauskunft”, as we are entering a complete new area of our business with lots of potential and new ways to support our seekers, building a creditworthy application that a realtor will never forget. 

How demanding is your daily life as a Product Manager, and how would you describe your work-life balance?

There are times where I’m in lots of steering meetings and planning sessions with different stakeholders and times where I have to close myself in a room to think about our next big steps towards our product.Keeping a cool and relax head is the most important thing, which I always can recommend to any Product Manager, to have a balanced work-life balance.

Which modern technologies support your work as a Product Manager?

Tools such as Figma and JIRA makes my job a lot easier, as I can visualize all major steps and work of initiatives to different stakeholders, without spending lots of time to prepare them. Sometimes I also use AI in order to get some inspiration of text, labels, work processes to help my team jump onto the next level.

How does Scout24 help you continuously develop your skills in such a fast-paced environment?

„Scout24 gives me the freedom to choose where I want to develop myself and also gives me the opportunity in time and ressources to bring me where I want to be. Therefore I’m very thankful.

Dieps Statistics

Liters of tea a day
km to work by motorcycle
Dogs in his native Vietnam

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