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Updated: March 26, 2024Reading time: 10 minutes

From Account Manager to Head of Sales at ImmoScout24 – with Malik Gourri

Malik Gourri has been a valued member of the ImmoScout24 family since 2016. His journey began as an Account Manager, and right from the start, he demonstrated outstanding performance, swiftly earning him promotions to Team Leader and eventually Head of Sales. Malik has built an impressive career, and now you have the opportunity to learn more about his journey, experiences and love for Schokobons.

How did you begin your journey at ImmoScout24 as an Account Manager Sales, and what motivated you to start in this position? 

My passion lies in sales. I was searching for a product that I could sell with conviction. After thorough research, Immoscout24 seemed to offer the optimal package for me. With dedication, I entered the sales field for ImmoScout24, determined not only to sell products but also to build relationships with customers. Each sale was an opportunity to demonstrate the brand's value and gain the trust of customers. 

What aspects of the sales area particularly appealed to you? 

The opportunity to grow together with customers and support them successfully. 

Could you give us an overview of your career development in sales, especially the steps from Account Manager to Head of Sales? 

I began my career in traditional retail, where I discovered my love for sales. Initially, I worked in the B2C sector but quickly transitioned to B2B. My main focus has always been on building long-term customer relationships. Over time, I recognized my talent in team management as well as my ability to take on responsibility and view the sales process from a different perspective. This led me first to the position of Team Lead and eventually to Head of Sales. 

What opportunities did you seize to expand your skills in sales and further develop yourself? 

The diverse opportunities provided by the Scout Academy include training and development offerings that we provide at ImmoScout24. Additionally, I constantly tried out new approaches and perspectives to find the best path for myself. 

Could you tell us about a particularly instructive experience that shaped your career? 

Learning never stops. We continuously evolve. Every challenge presents the opportunity to be overcome. 

How was your transition from the position of Account Manager Sales to Head of Sales, and what new responsibilities did you take on? 

After three years as an Account Manager, I assumed the position of Team Lead. Through daily challenges, I continuously took on new tasks and grew from them, often through personal interest and self-study. I gratefully accepted the opportunity and option to transition to the position of Head of Sales and participated in the internal interview process. 

Could you share some of your greatest successes or proudest moments in your role as Head of Sales? 

Some of the proudest moments for me are when we as a team achieve goals together. Not solely from a sales perspective but also considering the development of our teams and the personal growth of individual team members.Unity, dedication to each other, and celebrating successes together are essential elements.

Achieving goals together strengthens the bond within the team.“ 

How would you describe the company culture regarding the promotion of career opportunities? 

Our company culture encourages taking initiative and taking responsibility for personal development. We create an environment where performance is recognized and rewarded, actively supporting our employees in achieving their career goals. 

If you were to encourage colleagues to pursue a similar career within the company, what advice would you give them? 

Hard work, perseverance, and authenticity are key values for me. Furthermore, one should always stay true to oneself. 

What opportunities do you see for employees who want to further develop themselves in the sales area? 

One possible path is deepening expertise through targeted training and development in sales, which we offer here at ImmoScout24. These can include topics such as sales techniques, customer relationship management, negotiation skills, and product knowledge. By acquiring specialized skills, employees can increase their effectiveness in sales and qualify for more advanced positions. 

How satisfied are you personally with your career development within the company? 

Very satisfied! Above all, I am grateful to have so many opportunities at Immoscout24 and to be appreciated for them. 

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