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Capital Markets Day: Scout24 AG announces strengthening of verticals to shape the networked marketplace of the future

Scout24 AG (“Scout24”) is pursuing a successful profitable growth path. The company shares a positive outlook for 2020 and beyond at its Capital Markets Day in Munich. The Management Board expects Scout24’s dynamic and highly profitable growth to continue for its two leading verticals ImmoScout24 and AutoScout24.

Munich/Berlin, 26th November 2019

  • Scout24 details its strategic roadmap to strengthen its two leading verticals tapping into a larger total addressable market
  • Accelerated product innovation, streamlining of organizational structure and optimization of cost base will drive profitable growth
  • Confident to grow group revenues in the mid-teens by 2022, with group operating EBITDA margin to reach up to 58% in 2022
  • AutoScout24 with continued strong growth and profit expansion; strategic review ongoing

Group revenues are projected to increase by 8% to 11% in 2020. Revenue growth is expected to accelerate further to low- to mid-teens in 2021 and mid-teens in 2022. Group EBITDA margin from ordinary operating activities is expected to increase to up to 56% by 2020 and up to 58% by 2022.

As part of its strategic roadmap announced this summer, the Management Board outlines its key initiatives to benefit from industry trends driving the European digital classifieds markets. ImmoScout24 and AutoScout24 will offer a whole suite of new products and services designed to increase their total addressable markets, simplify the consumer journey, strengthen customer relationships, thereby resulting in attractive profitable growth for the group.

In addition, Scout24 is driving operational excellence, currently executing a cost optimisation program for its two verticals to operate in a leaner and more agile structure. This includes the reintegration of Consumer Services. All measures are fully on track to deliver an expected EUR 20 million of annual cost savings by 2021.

Scout24 is committed to a value-accretive capital allocation, by reinvesting into growth and returning cash to its shareholders through its dividend policy and announced share buy-back programme, whilst targeting a long-term leverage of up to 3.5x.

“We are the leading online classifieds group in Europe. With our two verticals, we are building on very strong brands. We are shaping the networked marketplace of the future by enhancing our product offering, driving monetization and improving operational excellence. Scout24 has consistently been and will be at the forefront of technological innovation as well as customer and consumer centricity. We have a proven track record of uninterrupted double-digit growth. We will further expand our market leadership of ImmoScout24 in Germany and AutoScout24 across Europe through a number of new product and service launches. We are building the ecosystem for real estate in Germany whilst also driving innovation across the consumer and customer journey for AutoScout24.”

Tobias Hartmann, CEO of Scout24 AG

“We are improving scalability and efficiency for the whole group to drive margin improvement and strong cash flow generation. Therefore, we maintain a positive outlook for 2020 and beyond. We strongly believe the strategic direction and corresponding initiatives will be beneficial to our customers and consumers. Our actions will strengthen our overall investment proposition and enhance growth and profitability. This will create attractive long-term value for our shareholders.”

Dirk Schmelzer, CFO of Scout24 AG

ImmoScout24: Building the ecosystem for real estate in Germany

ImmoScout24 continues to be a highly profitable growth driver for Scout24. The leading German classifieds platform serving home owners, agents and customers through its proven track-record of more than 20 years in the German real estate market and its ability to drive innovation, is at the forefront of building a comprehensive ecosystem for sale, rent and business real estate in Germany. Future growth will be supported by continued increase in the number of agents, ARPA and penetration of on-top products, in addition to a strengthened position in Private Listings.

AutoScout24: Driving innovation across the consumer and customer journey

AutoScout24 has established and maintained a leading position across its key European markets over the last ten years, consistently delivering double-digit growth and margin expansion. Today, it is well placed to lead the next phase of an evolving European car classifieds marketplace. AutoScout24 has a clear value proposition based on innovation, access to all relevant markets, and being a trusted partner to market participants. It will continue to leverage this position to benefit from trends in mobility and digitization. With concrete initiatives to create value, AutoScout24 has an excellent foundation for its next phase of profitable growth.

Regarding the strategic review of AutoScout24, Scout24 has defined an organic value creation plan and concurrently initiated a process to explore a potential sale or separation of the business. This process is ongoing and Scout24 is carefully and diligently weighing options for AutoScout24 to maximise long-term shareholder value creation.

From November 27th on, you can find a recap of today’s Capital Markets Day presentations and speeches on: Investor-Relations/events/capital-markets-day/Capital-Markets-Day.aspx

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