Corporate Governance

The term Corporate Governance covers the overall management and supervisory system in a company, including its organization, its business principles and guidelines as well as the internal and external management and supervisory structures. It is fundamental that the management and supervisory board work together closely and efficiently in order to reach maximum transparancy for shareholders and all other stakeholders.

In February 2020, we conducted a Corporate Governance Roadshow. You can download the corresponding presentation here:
Governance Presentation February 2020

You can download the Declaration of Compliance of the Management Board and Supervisory Board of Scout24 AG here: Declaration of Compliance February 2020

In accordance with number 3.10 of the German Corporate Governance Code the Management and Supervisory Boards report annually on the Company’s Corporate Governance. The latest Corporate Governance Report, including the Corporate Governance Declaration, is available for download here:

Corporate Governance Report March 2020

German Corporate Governance Codex in its latest version is available for download here.

The rules of procedure of the Supervisory Board stipulate that: As a rule, only persons who have not reached the age of 70 at the time of their appointment or election may become members of the Supervisory Boards. 

The non-financial report 2018 pursuant to Section 315b et seq. HGB (German Commercial Code) is part of the CSR-report 2018 and available for download here.


Corporate Governance Report March 2019

Corporate Governance Report March 2018

Corporate Governance Report March 2017

Corporate Governance Report 2016

Declaration of Conformity March 2019

Declaration of Conformity March 2018

Declaration of Conformity March 2017

Declaration of Conformity April 2016