Corporate Governance

We shape value-driven business

We embed value-based behaviour throughout the whole company and set standards to take responsibility as digital marketplace for our customers and users.​

Corporate Governance covers the overall management and supervisory system in a company, including its organisation, its business principles and guidelines, as well as the internal and external management and supervisory structures. It is fundamental that the management and supervisory board work together closely and efficiently in order to reach maximum transparency for shareholders and all other stakeholders.


Management Board & Leadership Team

Supervisory Board 

Compensation System

Articles of Association

Corporate Governance Documents

German Corporate Governance Codex in its latest version is available for download here

The rules of procedure of the Supervisory Board stipulate that: As a rule, only persons who have not reached the age of 70 at the time of their appointment or election may become members of the Supervisory Boards. 

Download here Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Board of Scout24 SE:

Rules of Procedure

In accordance with number 3.10 of the German Corporate Governance Code the Management and Supervisory Boards report annually on the Company’s Corporate Governance. The latest Corporate Governance Report, including the Corporate Governance Declaration, is available for download here:

Corporate Governance Report 2021

Corporate Governance Report 2020 

Corporate Governance Report 2019 

Corporate Governance Report 2018 

Corporate Governance Report 2017 

Corporate Governance Report 2016 

Our success is largely determined by our services and our values. We have set out these values in our own corporate Code of Conduct. The rules of conduct and guidelines laid down in this Code of Conduct form the framework for responsible action and follow the principles of corporate governance. In addition to legal requirements, ethical and social standards are also taken into account.  You can view this Code of Conduct here: 

Code of Conduct

The protection of privacy and the security of data processing is very important to us - as is the trust of our users, customers and employees. In our Data Protection Code of Conduct, we set out the guiding principles of our business activities with regard to data protection, transparency, the necessity of processed data and data minimization. 

Data Protection Code of Conduct 

Responsibility for Sustainability

Since June 2022, all activities related to the company's sustainability have been under the management of Dr. Claudia Viehweger. Viehweger (who holds a doctorate in law) has already been responsible for human resources at Scout24 SE as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) since June 2021. With the addition of all sustainability topics, Scout24 appoints Claudia Viehweger as Chief People & Sustainability Officer (CPSO).

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Dr. Claudia Viehweger (CPSO at Scout24)

An independent sustainability team is responsible for all operational and strategic measures and initiatives. The task of this team is to integrate the complex topic of sustainability even more strongly into the organisation. The team reports regularly to the CPSO.

An important body is our internal sustainability committee – a practice-oriented association consisting of representatives from various business units and functions. These include, for example, Legal & Compliance, HR, Procurement, Investor Relations, Facility, Marketing, Product and IT. Together they aim to make sustainability an integral part of our business targets, our corporate strategy and our everyday work. In regular meetings, the members of the Committee identify and evaluate the objectives and measures of the Scout24 Group, which are defined in the ESG framework and developed each year as progress is made.


We carry out materiality analyses – most recently in 2021 – so that we can focus on the right topics. In order to take into account developments and trends in our business environment that have occurred since then, as well as changes in the corporate structure, the Sustainabilty Team reviewed the 2022 materiality analysis to validate its topicality and relevance. The result: 11 topics that shape our sustainability management. The topics "Attractive employer" and "Energy" were newly classified as material.

Our ESG Framework

When it comes to sustainability, it is important to us to create a high degree of transparency and, in doing so, to strive for a uniform understanding. As a data-driven company, for Scout24 these two factors are particularly crucial – both internally and externally. For this reason, our sustainability strategy will in future be structured in accordance with the ESG logic and structured on the basis of the identified material topics with a very specific ambition, objectives and KPIs. In doing so, we are not only taking up the structure of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), which will be binding for us from 2024, but also proactively addressing developments in the capital market. Our previous sustainability programme is fully integrated. In the course of developing the new ESG framework, we also evaluated our previous targets and KPIs. These contribute to SDGs 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13 and 17.

Our ambitions within the ESG Framework

Energy & climate protection
We live up to our climate responsibility
We consistently use renewable energy, reduce our consumption and minimise emissions to contribute our share to the achievement of the Paris Agreement.
We create inclusive spaces
As a people company, we create a diverse, inclusive and inspiring work culture and use our business model to help shape society through our skills.
We shape value-driven business
We embed value-based behaviour throughout the whole and set standards to take responsibility for our customers and users as a digital marketplace.

UN Global Compact

Since 2021, Scout24 has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

In order to anchor sustainability throughout the company, we encourage all employees to use the UNGC Academy knowledge platform for their individual learning.

Responsibility in the supply chain

Even as a non-manufacturing company, we take responsibility in our supply chain. We have been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2021 and have integrated the ten principles for responsible corporate governance into our Code of Conduct for business partners, suppliers and service providers. As part of our ESG framework, we have set ourselves the target of having 80% of our existing business partners, suppliers and service providers accept our Code of Conduct by the end of 2024. Alternatively, they must confirm that their own requirements conform to it. Acceptance of 19% was achieved for 2022, surpassing our milestone target of 17%.

For information on our grievance mechanism, please refer to our Code of Conduct.

Data protection and data security

The trust of employees, customers, investors, suppliers, business partners, service providers and the general public in us and our brands is a valuable asset. As a leading digital company and operator of the ImmoScout24 online platform in Germany and Austria, data protection and security are a high priority for us and a fundamental part of the Scout24 Group's identity. Our claim is to handle the data we gather, collect, store or use responsibly and to comply with all laws relevant to Scout24 under data protection law.

You can find more information in our Data Protection Code of Conduct.

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