Focus on what matters

Focus on what matters

A clear focus on what is essential, on what truly matters: that sums up our formula in 2020 – an eventful year. Having completed the sale of AutoScout24 in March 2020, we are focusing all our efforts to ImmoScout24. Our goal: to build a comprehensive ecosystem for residential and commercial real estate. In 2020, we further digitalised the processes around renting, buying and selling real estate, and we launched new innovative, high-growth products on the market. We strengthened our relationships with our customers and partners, and supported them during the coronavirus crisis with an immediate-action programme. We have also made great progress with respect to sustainability – with our first climate strategy and our commitment to become climate-neutral by 2025. And we have turned our gaze inward, focusing in particular on a strong corporate culture that ensures the cohesion of our teams, even in times of social distancing.

Our financial figures 2020

Our results for the financial year 2020 show: We have a resilient business model and were able to complete the year successfully despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Group revenue in EUR mio (+1.2 % vs. 2019)
ooEBITDA in EUR mio (+1.4 % vs. 2019)
60.0 %
ooEBITDA margin in % (+0.1 pp vs. 2019)
Focus on customers

#TogetherThroughTheCrisis – Scout24 takes responsibility for the industry

The Covid-19 pandemic hit us all suddenly and without warning. So, it was vital that we help each other and quickly support our customers and partners in these difficult times.

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Focus on digitisation

How we stayed in touch with our stakeholders virtually in 2020

Social distancing – standard operating procedure during the pandemic. But it is also possible to share information, discuss ideas, and even celebrate at a distance. In 2020, we showed how with new virtual formats.

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Focus on sustainability

“Avoid, reduce, compensate” – Scout24 on the way to climate neutrality

We have an ambitious goal: we want to be climate neutral by 2025. There is still a lot to do before we get there. That’s why we made our impact on the environment and climate a top priority in 2020.

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Focus on culture & diversity

Success is secured together: our Scout24 DNA

A strong corporate culture with an unwavering focus on people is decisive for success. That is why we have developed our own Scout24 DNA Culture Code, which our employees are bringing to life.

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Here you can download the complete Annual and Sustainability Report 2020 as a PDF file.

Annual Report 2020


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Sustainability Report 2020


Here you will find the Sustainability Reports of the past years:

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